10-year-old boy donates marrow to save his mother

ChinaA 10-year-old boy attracted attention on social networks after traveling 400 km and withdrawing 30 blood tubes for testing, in order to donate marrow to save his mother with leukemia.

Cao Song, 33 years old, shared that his son, Cao Xuanyi, on March 7 with his grandfather traveled more than 400 km to Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, China for medical examination.

Video of a 10-year-old boy entering the hospital to draw blood has attracted more than 230,000 likes on Chinese social network Weibo. Xuanyi appeared steadfast and strong when medical staff began to draw blood from her hand.

“I used to be very afraid of pain, but this time to save my mother, I didn’t cry out,” Cao Song shared about his son.

Boy walks 400 km to donate marrow to save his mother

Cao Xuanyi went to a hospital in Suzhou city, Jiangsu province, to draw blood to prepare to donate marrow to save his mother. Video: Weibo.

Xuanyi and his 3-year-old brother live a peaceful life with their parents in Anhui province, eastern China. Her family made a living from a small clothing store before disaster struck. Cao Meixia, 33 years old, her mother, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in July 2020, after a blood test due to a leg injury.

The couple then stopped doing business, sent their children to her care, and went to a hospital in Suzhou for treatment. Cao and his wife rented an apartment near the hospital and it became their home during their three-year battle with the disease. “We only went home to visit our children six or seven times in nearly three years,” Cao said.

After 5 rounds of chemotherapy, Ms. Cao’s condition gradually stabilized, but the disease recurred during her medical check-up at the end of 2021. The only treatment is a bone marrow transplant and the safest option is to find someone. compatible implants from the family.

After his brother-in-law’s bone marrow was found to be unsuitable, Mr. Cao suggested that his eldest son Xuanyi’s bone marrow be tested knowing that many previous similar surgeries had been successful.

“If I had another choice, I wouldn’t let her do this,” Cao said. “I am heartbroken, he is too small and thin, although the doctor assures that this will not affect his health.”

After taking 30 blood tubes for testing, Xuanyi’s bone marrow was determined to be suitable for her mother. The boy is now at home, taking care of his health and preparing to be called to Suzhou for surgery any day.

“I am indebted to my mother,” Xuanyi said. “I want my mom to come home so I can always be happy.”

Ms. Cao has now completed her ninth round of chemotherapy and is awaiting a bone marrow transplant.

Xuanyi’s story touched many Chinese social media users. “Mother gave me a life, I gave a life back to my mother,” commented one person on Douyin, the Chinese version of the social network TikTok.

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