10-year-old boy was forced to kneel and beg for food at the train station by his father for not doing enough homework

Recently, a parent living in China was vehemently stoned by netizens after forcing his son to kneel at the train station to beg for food.

Early in the morning of December 5, Shanghai Railway Station police, China received a report of a 10-year-old boy kneeling on the platform of Shanghai railway station and begging passersby.

When found, this boy was only wearing a jacket to keep warm and carrying a school bag. She also revealed that this was punishment for not doing enough homework, the boy’s father gave his son a bowl and told him to kneel down and ask for food from passersby.

According to reports, the boy said he was left there by his father for 45 minutes before he got on the train and went to work.

10-year-old boy was forced by his father to kneel and beg for food at the station because he did not do enough homework - Photo 1.

Image of a boy at the police station

Officers then took the boy to the police station, gave him hot drinks and cookies, and contacted his mother. The woman then arrived at the station with a coat for her son.

The family said the boy was regularly reminded of not fully completing the BTVN. Although agreeing with the sadness, the boy’s mother expressed dissatisfaction with her husband’s actions.

The incident immediately attracted a lot of attention from fans. Many people expressed outrage at the father’s actions because this could put his children in great danger, especially for a 10-year-old boy.

“Thanks to the police for coming in, I understand that an adult will have a lot of pressure but has the father thought it through?” – A netizen said.

Source: Sina


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