11 things that only close friends from childhood understand

Admittedly, sometimes you and your best friend from childhood understand each other to the point of… scary. However, you certainly won’t trade your friendship for anything or anyone. Because after all, there are your feelings, thoughts, emotions, … that only this childhood friend can understand.

1. Never shy in front of each other

From little things like the messy hairstyle you cut yourself at 7 or your face full of acne during puberty to the big problems like how desperate you were when you were betrayed by your first love, your best friend since childhood. are all seen. With decades of being together, witnessing all states, overcoming all joys and sorrows together, there is almost nothing that makes you afraid in front of the other person anymore. And you all understand that intimacy is priceless.

2. Easily detect that the other person is lying

Being together since childhood means that you will be observing all of each other’s language and physical habits. So it’s not surprising that one of them finds out that his best friend is lying. You can fool others but forget about lying to your friends because they already know your “tricks” by heart.

3. There is understanding and harmony without needing to say it out loud

Have you ever experienced the feeling that without saying anything, people still understand you? That is the feeling often of close friends since childhood, even it comes from two friends with opposite personalities. One study even showed that friends have the same brain type and almost identical perception of the world. Do you understand why there is a sentence “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are” then?

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4. Experiencing important milestones in life together

Childhood friends often go through major life milestones together, from exams, every New Year’s holiday, family-love issues, even marriage and having children. On each such occasion, they laughed together, cried together and witnessed each other’s growth. But after all, in the eyes of each person, the other party is still like a child, playing with me endless naughty games when I was a child.

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5. Sometimes jealous to see them have new friends

Guarantee that the feeling of having a best friend since childhood is as painful as being betrayed by a lover. In your heart, you know that no one can replace you and shake this friendship, but jealousy still arises. The most important thing, however, is that you are the first name that friend thinks of in any situation and you are proud of that.

6. Your jokes confuse others

You guys have rules, underground games that no one understands. So it’s also impossible to count the number of times other people look at you two with confused eyes when you both start joking around. Maybe to others, these jokes mean nothing, if not bullshit. However, for the two of you, it is the whole sky of childhood, memories and also a way for you to “confirm sovereignty” with each other.

7. There is no judgment for both of their actions

You know you can tell your childhood friend anything. It could be sadness, shame or some unacceptable mistake. Because that friend will always be tolerant, understanding and without judgment. Instead, they will give you the right advice and accompany you to correct your mistakes.

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8. You are really happy because of your partner’s success

There was never any rivalry between the two. Sometimes you worry about them more than yourself, and each success they achieve is like your own. You are also the biggest cheerleader in your opponent’s way and are always ready to celebrate their success.

9. Arguments are always horrible and hurt each other

Knowing each other inside and out can also bring some disadvantages. For example, whenever you quarrel, every “weapon” that deals the most damage will be used and hurt each other terribly. Of course, in any relationship, quarrels are inevitable, so it’s best to resolve any differences or misunderstandings between the two of you right from the start.

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10. Almost no distance even after long time no see

As you grow up, have your own family and have many other relationships, the time spent together also decreases. However, even if you don’t see each other for months or years, you still don’t feel any distance or awkwardness between the two of you. You continue unfinished stories or “turn on” confiding mode, telling everything that happened in the time of separation.

11. Each of them has a personality but rarely refuses anything to the other

Even best friends since childhood, each person has different, even completely opposite personalities. Sometimes an extrovert can be friends for decades with the quietest, introverted friend in the world, as if they were born to compensate for each other. But no matter how different, best friends since childhood rarely refuse the other person anything, no matter how much they don’t like it.


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