Bugatti car company makes big profits with… safes, clocks, billiards tables

Bugatti car company made a big profit with... safe, clock, billiard table - Photo 1.

Referring to Bugatti is referring to the most expensive cars, components and accessories in the global car village – Photo: Bugatti

The common point of a hundred thousand USD safe, 1.5 million USD watch, 300,000 USD pool table, carbon fiber smart watch or champagne bottle with heating/cooling unit and accompanying lights what? That is, they all have the Bugatti logo, leading to a terrible price that far exceeds the value of the material that makes them.

Of course, there is also a reason for Bugatti to expand its area beyond the field of supercars, that is, they … have buyers no matter what. Bugatti International – the French brand’s unlimited experience division in the vehicle sector in 2022 will grow by 20% – an “unprecedented” number in their history and it should also be remembered that 2022 is an economic year quite difficult.

Bugatti car company makes big profits with... safe, clock, billiard table - Photo 2.

The number of products of Bugatti International in recent years has increased rapidly and is no longer limited to the household appliances segment as in the first phase – Photo: Bugatti

Realizing the potential of the luxury segment, Bugatti International will continue to further promote “premium experiences” in 2023 and expand the area to areas they have not tried before. This move will also help the company reach a larger potential customer base during a period when Bugatti does not have a new car.

In 2023, Bugatti will only assemble and deliver the rest of the Chiron supercars and special versions with the same chassis. The Chiron successor is said to be at least 2 years away from being able to launch using a large engine (but not the W16 version of the old Veyron / Chiron) supported by hybrid technology.

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