Cats break Guinness records

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 1.

The cat Stewie won the Guinness World Record – Photo: Getty Images

Guinness record for longest cat

In 2010, Mymains Stewart Gilligan, aka Stewie, 123cm long, won the Guinness World Record for longest cat ever. Thanks to her special appearance, Stewie participates in many cat shows around the world.

Its owner is Mr. Robin Hendrickson of Reno, Nevada (USA).

“Stewie is like a child. We really hope that Stewie can grow up and be known to many people. And most importantly, I hope he can make people laugh thanks to his unique appearance.” , said Mr. Robin.

However, Stewie soon passed away in January 2013.

Tallest cat

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 2.

Tallest cat in the world – Photo: MLive

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is the tallest domestic cat according to the Guinness Book of Records. Arcturus is owned by Will Power – president of Ferndale cat farm – in Michigan (USA).

In 2018, the Guinness organization confirmed Arcturus’ height in the 2018 edition of the Guinness Book of World Records. At that time, the cat’s height was measured at 48.4cm, weighing about 13.6kg.

Arcturus Aldebaran Powers is a domestic Savannah cat, raised on a special diet designed by its owners – all family doctors – tailored.

Like many other cats with remarkable physique, Arcturus many times participates in local events for the community in general and cat lovers in particular.

Will Power says Arcturus is a friendly, poised Savannah cat who often poses for pictures. Donations collected during the performances are supported by Will Power to local charities.

The most multi-talented cat

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 3.

Alexis cat and her owner – Photo: GUINNESS

In 2021, the 8-year-old cat Alexis owned by Anika Moritz (Austria) broke the record for the most tricks a cat can do in a minute. In total in 60 seconds, the cat can jump, high-five, spin, roll, even ride a skateboard.

Previously, this record was held by Mr. Robert Dollwet’s cat Didga (USA). Didga used to perform 24 tricks in one minute. It is known as an Instagram “star”. Didga’s skateboarding skills amuse locals and often create a fever in the cat lover community on social networks.

Cat jumps farthest

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 4.

Cat “Waffle the Warrior Cat” – Photo: GUINNESS

On January 30, 2018, a cat named “Waffle the Warrior Cat” performed an “unthinkable” jump, flying 213.36cm and setting a Guinness world record.

When this achievement is achieved, the cat is 10 years old. The owner of a cat in California (USA) thinks that there is no special training secret for pets, but discovered the cat’s “talent” of long jump quite early.

The success of “Waffle the Warrior Cat” far exceeds the old record. On October 27, 2013, cat Alley – owned by Samantha Martin of Texas (USA) – won the Guinness World title for the cat with the longest jump, measuring 182.88cm.

Samantha said Alley was a weak kitten in the past, and setting a world record is a process of training. “In the beginning, we helped Alley dance step by step, gradually it became the star it is now,” Samantha said.

Guinness record for the most popular cat

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 5.

Motimaru Cat – Photo: YOUTUBE

The Japanese cat named Motimaru was awarded the Guinness World Record in the category “Most viewed cat on YouTube”. At the time of receiving the title (September 2021), the cat’s videos had more than 619 million views.

Motimaru’s owner said that the first videos of Motimaru were shared by the owner on YouTube when the cat was only 50 days old. The image of an innocent but bold, innocent cat attracts many viewers.

A year later, the cat Motimaru quickly became a “star”. Many of Motimaru’s videos can attract 1 million views in just one day.

The longest cat

Cats break Guinness records - Photo 6.

Flossie cat holds the Guinness record for the longest life cat – Photo: GUINNESS

In 2022, the cat Flossie – born in the UK – set a Guinness record as the world’s longest living cat. Up to the time of record, Flossie cats lived for nearly 27 years, equivalent to about 120 human years.

Flossie was once handed over to a charity dedicated to protecting cats to take care of because Flossie’s owner could no longer afford to take care of it. The intake coordinator said she was surprised when she looked at Flossie’s veterinary records and found that he was almost 27 years old.

Currently, Flossie is still being cared for and her health is stable.

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