It’s a new year, don’t be afraid of being ‘abandoned’ online anymore

It's a new year, don't be afraid of being abandoned online - Photo 1.

The fear of being abandoned, the fear of being slow to update enough information online makes our minds confused – Illustration: iStock

Many people are afraid of being abandoned, afraid of feeling outside of activities, news, opportunities, relationships…so they find ways to integrate, update, get attention and care.

When do you have a fear of abandonment?

When you say yes, but your heart says no.

When you wander aimlessly on Facebook and other social networks.

When you constantly check your phone.

When you sleep less.

When you cut back on your self-care activities.

When you value convenience over quality.

When you are insecure about missing something.

When you’re exhausted from trying everything.

What must you do to heal this fear?

Live your life to the fullest. You will not regret the past, not afraid of the future. You pay attention to everything and everyone around you in the present moment.

All the little things that make up the moment in front of you will make up your full life.

Slowly, your body, heart and soul will also change.

The following 5 measures will help you live your life to the fullest, eliminating the fear of abandonment

1. Don’t take anything as an emergency

In most cases, you should choose to react slowly, carefully. Let’s separate the drama and the stress from the problem.

You will make decisions based on the actual situation, not because of fear of this or that.

2. Turn off the phone.

You turn on the phone 24/7 for others to contact and in case of an emergency, and then you make it urgent.

You keep waiting for the notification lines on the phone, waiting for a new information. You are alive, but your mind is distracted, daydreaming, not paying attention to what is really important at the moment.

Then, you let go of the people you love the most, make bad decisions and have a stressful mood when you should be feeling at peace.

Set limits on your phone. For example, you only allow yourself to actively check your phone twice a day.

3. The “Awesome” Mantra

Here’s the trick: If you don’t say “Awesome!” about something, refuse it.

When you’re not feeling too excited, too enthusiastic, you don’t have to try to accept the offer.

So you have more free time to participate in really great things.

4. Give yourself a break time

Break time is the break time between school hours. It’s time to rest, play, not worry about tomorrow or yesterday.

You don’t care what you look like or what others think of you. You are free to frolic, jump rope, play hide and seek and laugh out loud.

If you want to live with reality, create your own “break time”. You can walk, sing, paint, climb mountains. Anything you want to do.

5. Choose quality over quantity

Do you prefer to skim through the 100 things on your “want to do” list, or do you want to really experience just a few things?

You can try a little bit of each.

Or you pick the few that matter most: choose a great experience, choose true love. Choose less, but get more.

The choice belongs to you.

Once you’ve mastered the five things above, you’ll transform your fear of abandonment into the joy of staying out.

You feel happy because you know how to choose, happy that you protect what matters most, and happy that you are living fully in the present moment.

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