Journalist Navasky – who opposed the Vietnam War – has just died

Journalist Navasky - who opposed the Vietnam War - has just died - Photo 1.

Journalist Victor Navasky in a photo taken in 2009 – Photo: New York Times

Mr. Navasky died in a hospital in Manhattan (New York, USA) of pneumonia. This information was confirmed by his son – Bruno Navasky – on January 25, according to New York Times.

Mr. Navasky and the Vietnam War

Born on July 5, 1932, Mr. Navasky is a famous journalist and author in the United States. He used to work for New York Times since 1970 before making a name in Nationa left-leaning newspaper that supports America’s oldest liberal views.

Nation was founded in 1865, has an important voice in issues of civil rights, freedom of speech, promotes progress in labor law… and is famous for criticizing the US involvement in the Vietnam War.

When he became editor in 1978, Mr. Navasky is credited with making a big difference by taking advantage of his humor and divergent point of view. Nation – a popular weekly newspaper with a serious tone.

According to anti-war activist Peter Weiss, during this time, Mr. Navasky was one of the active participants in the movement against the US involvement in the Vietnam War, VNA said.

In fact, in a 2000 interview with New York TimesMr. Navasky once made a point about patriotism related to the anti-war movement in the US.

Mr. Navasky took the example of the Vietnam War, saying that those who burned the flag to protest the war also included many patriots.

“My definition of patriotism would include fighting to secure our country towards its highest ideals. And from this perspective, even the flag-burners (not all but all of them) will be one of them) is probably just as patriotic as the people with the flag on them,” Navasky said.

In another passage, he continued: “The real patriots of the Vietnam war were those who opposed this war”.

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