More than 200 players from Song Lam Nghe An youth team are owed allowances throughout Tet

More than 200 players of Song Lam Nghe An youth team owed allowances throughout Tet - Photo 1.

The U15 youth team players compete to win the championship in 2022. Up to now, many players owe allowances – Photo: DOAN HOA

On January 21 (on the 30th day of the Lunar New Year), many young players of Song Lam Nghe An Football Club continued to go on social networks to lament that they had not received their 1.5 million VND/month allowance. over the past several months.

A U15 player – who cannot be named – said: “We have had to work hard to practice and compete for a year now. When we return home on New Year’s Day, we also want to have a monthly allowance paid by the club. to buy a small gift for my parents, but now I can’t do this anymore.”

According to this player, if in previous years they were paid an allowance of 1.5 million VND/month, this year they will only receive half of this amount in the first 3 months of 2022.

“Near Tet, some friends have difficulties, so they have to borrow money to take a bus to their hometown to celebrate Tet. Many friends confided that there was no money, so returning home this New Year will not dare to go out with friends,” the U15 player said. This share.

Earlier, on January 6, at the press conference on socio-economic situation, national defense and security in 2022 organized by Nghe An Provincial People’s Committee, Ms. Tran Thi My Hanh – director of Nghe An Department of Culture and Sports. – said the department has worked with the Department of Finance, Song Lam Nghe An Youth Football Training Center related to the issue of wages and allowances of more than 200 young players who have been delayed for nearly a year.

“We have agreed to pay salaries and allowances for the children before the Lunar New Year of the Year of the Rabbit 2023,” said Ms. Hanh.

However, up to now, more than 200 players of Song Lam Nghe An Club’s youth academy have not yet received wages and allowances as Ms. Hanh said, making many young players “heartbroken”.

According to the reporter’s research, each student at Song Lam Nghe An Youth Football Training Center will receive an allowance of 1.5 million VND/month.

In 2022, the students here only received half of the above amount in the first 3 months of the year. If fully paid, each child will still receive about 18 million VND.

In addition to the above money, athletes who win gold medals in 2022 will also receive additional provincial bonuses. However, up to this point, all the above amounts have not been paid to the children.

Currently, Song Lam Nghe An has 12 gifted classes from U9 to U21 and a youth team (competiting third place) with a total of 215 athletes.

Answer Youth Online On the afternoon of January 21, Mr. Nguyen Dinh Nghia – director of Song Lam Nghe An Youth Football Training Center – said that every year, the allowance for young players at the Song Lam Nghe An training center comes from the bank. Nghe An province’s budget and the main sponsor is Tan Long Group with partial support.

Mr. Nghia explained that the treasury had transferred money to the account of Song Lam Nghe An Sports Joint Stock Company at about 5:45 pm on January 19 (ie, the 28th of Tet) with an amount of more than 20 billion dong.

However, because the entire banking system was closed for Tet holiday, it was not possible to pay the allowances to the students according to the original plan.

“On Tet holiday after the bank returns to work, the company will immediately transfer money to the students. This is force majeure, so they also sympathize and share with the company and the center,” Mr. Nghia said. speak.

2022 is a successful year for Song Lam Nghe An youth football furnace when winning 4 national championships including U9, U11, U13 and U15. Recognizing the achievements of the U students, Nghe An province has awarded more than 900 million VND.

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