Necessary smart home settings when away on Tet holiday

Today’s users tend to spend money on smart home devices to enjoy a more comfortable life every time they get home. However, the product can be used more thoroughly to serve other needs, providing peace of mind even when they are away.

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Away from home on New Year’s Day, but homeowners can still have some peace of mind thanks to smart devices in the house

Some application packages for smarthome have an installation mode that puts all smart devices in the home into “Holiday” mode (used when no one is home), but users can install them individually for each product. product if not supported by the manufacturer. These customizations will help make the home safer when the whole family is away such as fire alarms, burglar alarms, etc. Here are some simple smart home customization tips so the whole family can stay safe. pay more attention when away like vacation or Lunar New Year.

Turn on the mode to imitate daily activities

One of the “coolest” things about smart home devices is the ability to automatically turn on and off by appointment or remotely. Automation not only helps to reduce user operations when at home (such as adjusting the lights from time to time, opening and closing curtains…) but also useful in the role of “impersonating the host”.

Depending on the manufacturer calling this feature “Imitates the presence of the homeowner” or the “Away” mode…, all operate on the principle of on and off as if someone was at home. used (although practically absent). Specifically, homeowners can turn lights on and off at certain fixed (or random) time frames, such as someone walking between rooms in the house; Turn on the TV to create the feeling that someone is watching or to make noises, simulate people talking…

Set a temporary smart lock code

Homeowners are away from home but still hire someone to take care of them according to the time frame, or someone to take care of pets, rely on close neighbors… to go back and forth to check when needed, forget the key? Don’t worry about this when smart door lock models have a mode to set a temporary lock code. The owner can set this code to work only in a certain time frame (when someone checks and takes care of it) and turns it off when he wants.

Even when not away, homeowners can also generate separate codes for each person to grant access to different areas, for multiple purposes in the home. Assuming someone hires a dog sitter in the noon time slot, they can generate an entry code for that person and only work during a pre-arranged time frame, on a specific day of the week or day off.

Set thermostat to “Away” mode

If you don’t have pets or grow plants that require a sophisticated care environment, users should turn on the “Away” mode (or similar name) on the thermostat in the house because at this time leaving the thermostat on. room temperature (warming or cooling) still working is not necessary.

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Remotely control indoor heat via personal mobile device


If “Away” mode isn’t available, set a new device schedule for minimal activity. Should not be turned off completely because the machine still needs to work to adjust the indoor temperature before the owner returns, or take advantage of the sensor’s ability to receive notifications when there are abnormalities such as temperature and humidity are too high. ..

Take advantage of the camera to keep an eye on everything in the house

Security cameras have become so common in households that use smart devices. This product is useful for tracking every movement, even the smallest change in the house and sending out alerts when there is an abnormality.

The installation of cameras in private spaces has caused many concerns, so people often turn off this device when at home. For occasions when away, homeowners should not turn off and it will be beneficial to install more cameras in previously avoided locations (can be disconnected when returning). Most of these monitoring devices have a security monitoring mode and record when there is movement in the house and then send notifications to the owner via phone.

Use smart sensors

When users are at home, smoke, water sensors … can be quite useless, but when away, any device that has the ability to sense the environment and send out alerts is useful and sometimes vital. still.

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Types of smart sensors installed around the house to warn of abnormalities

The price of a set (including many sensors) is not high, ranging from more than 1 million VND and can be easily installed in different locations in the house. Places often need to be considered, such as under the main water valve (to detect when there is an abnormal flow or leak), an easy-to-break-in location in the house, ceiling in the kitchen or a place prone to fire and smoke. .. High-end units installed directly into the water valve can help stop the flow from a distance should also be of interest if finances allow.

As mentioned, there should be smoke sensors in the home, especially when no one is at home. This type of sensor will help warn in case of smoke in the house (usually when there is a fire). Temperature sensors are also useful in this way. When there is an abnormality, the homeowner can rely on neighbors or close relatives for timely rescue.

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