Some ways to keep flowers fresh for a long time during Tet

Some ways to keep flowers fresh for a long time during Tet - Photo 1.

Keeping flowers fresh for a long time during Tet is something that many people care about – Photo: PROFLOWERS

Trimming stalks, flowers stay fresh longer

As soon as you buy flowers, you should use pruning shears to remove the old stem. The reason is that when harvesting flowers, growers often break or uproot the plant, then clean it briefly and then sell it. In the stem of the plant there is a vascular system that absorbs water and nutrients to feed the flower. When the tree is cut or broken, the plant will draw into the circuit an amount of air. This can interfere with water absorption, causing leaves and flowers to wilt quickly.

Choose the right water temperature

Some flowers are very “flashy”, they only stay fresh when at the right water temperature. Especially with flowers that are not available locally.

In most cases, water should be used for flower arrangements at room temperature, not warm, not cold. But if you live in a hot area but choose to grow flowers in a cold area or vice versa, you should pay attention to choosing the appropriate water temperature.

For example, daffodils, tulips, gladiolus, lilies, lilies… Warm water temperature will make them bloom faster and fade faster than cold water.

In addition, should choose the location to place the vase. Flowers will bloom faster when in an area with electrical appliances that generate heat around. For example: heat pipes, vents, windows with direct sunlight.

Remove old, wilted leaves at the base

Any leaves and flowers left in water in the vase will rot quickly. This will spread bacteria that will cause the flowers to wilt faster.

Therefore, before arranging flowers, you should completely remove the leaves from the stem in the water. This way both helps keep the flowers fresh for a long time, and helps the vase water not to smell bad.

Change water often

Bacteria are enemies of cut flowers, so rinse the vase and change the water at least every two days. Each time the water is changed, a rotten stem should be cut off.

Nutritional supplements for flowers

Even after leaving the tree, flowers still need nutrients to stay fresh and colorful. You just need to crush a vitamin B1 tablet and put it in a vase. In addition to adding nutrients, B1 also accelerates the process of absorbing water to the flower tops, helping to keep flowers fresh for a long time. This method is very useful with hard branches like chrysanthemums, roses, peaches.

You can also add a few drops of apple cider vinegar or lemon juice to increase the citric acid in the water to keep the pH low, to help the water move up the stem a bit faster and possibly reduce wilting.

Alternatively, mixing a few drops of bleach or a strong alcohol like vodka into the water to prevent bacterial growth is also a good way to keep flowers fresh for longer.

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