Tet in space of Chinese astronauts

Tet in space of Chinese astronauts - Photo 1.

Chinese astronauts send New Year wishes from space – Photo: Xinhua

In the New Year greeting video released by the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) on January 21, the astronauts in blue uniforms held in their hands calligraphy pages to write their own lucky New Year greetings.

Astronaut Truong Luc said that Tet in space is still the same as Tet at home when they have new clothes and have traditional food, and are sent greetings to everyone.

Thien Cung Station, located 400km above Earth, is also decorated with parallel lines and red ribbons.

Chinese cosmonauts also displayed 40 children’s drawings in the “space painting exhibition” as a New Year’s gift to all Chinese people.

The paintings carried by the astronauts on a mission to fly into space with the Shenzhou-15 spacecraft on November 29, 2022, show the impressions and dreams of children about the tradition, the future, and the future. future of the country and in the field of space exploration.

Than Chau-15 is the last mission in the plan to complete the construction of Thien Cung station to begin the implementation of phase 1 to put the station into operation and development.

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