The 9X doctor’s brothers give lucky money ‘secrets’ to have a brilliant new year

The 9X doctors' brothers give lucky money to have a brilliant new year - Photo 1.

For 9X doctors Nguyen Trung Nghia and Nguyen Trung Kien, regular exercise is very important for both body and mind – Photo: MINK

9X doctor brothers with a “stunned” leaderboard!

Coming from a studious family, Trung Nghia (30 years old, master – doctor of CKI psychiatry) and Trung Kien (25 years old, doctor of oral and maxillofacial) soon understood the importance of education.

Both are former specializing students of Gifted High School (National University of Ho Chi Minh City), Trung Kien then majored in maxillofacial surgery due to his love of beauty, Trung Nghia chose psychotherapy because he wanted to listen to the best. people’s sadness, happiness and partly help them overcome their mental pain.

Studying with passion, Trung Nghia graduated valedictorian at the University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Ho Chi Minh City, and Trung Kien ranked third in the entire course at Pham Ngoc Thach Medical University with an excellent degree.

It is remarkable that despite the busy study and internship schedule at the hospital, Trung Nghia still successfully completed the position of President of the Student Union and Director of the Student Support Center, while Trung Kien was the branch president. helping the class association achieve strong grades for 6 consecutive years…

With fluent English (IELTS 7.5), Trung Nghia has been chosen many times by organizations as the face of international young leaders exchange in Japan, Singapore, Thailand… Trung Kien has just obtained IELTS 8.0 with absolute score 9/9 in reading and listening skills a few days before Tet!

“Whether you think you can or you can’t. You’re both right!”

Talking about the “secret” to being able to achieve the above milestones while keeping the appearance always full of vitality, the two of you said the first thing is to practice sports.

The 9X doctors' brothers give lucky money to have a bright new year - Photo 2.

Brothers and sisters of 9X doctors Nguyen Trung Nghia (right) and Nguyen Trung Kien – Photo: MINK

“Regular exercise first helps our appearance to become more beautiful and healthy. Other benefits are that our minds will be clearer, the body will also limit chronic diseases such as diabetes. , blood pressure, bones and joints… if we build good habits like exercise early.

Personally, I usually work out four or five times a week after work. After working out at the gym, I have dinner, then sit down to work again and try to go to bed early so that my body has enough time to rest,” Trung Nghia shared.

And Trung Kien often tries to arrange light exercise for 30 minutes every afternoon after coming home from work, at the weekend you take advantage of jogging or playing football.

The 9X doctors' brothers give lucky money to have a brilliant new year - Photo 3.

Two 9X doctors in everyday life – Photo: MINK

In addition to regular exercise, the two of you also emphasized that the “sweet fruits” reaped over the years largely lie in another factor.

“I once heard the interesting saying of the brilliant scientist Henry Ford, “Do you think you can or you can’t. You are all right.” Personally, I think the key to success lies in each person’s attitude, belief in their own abilities and perseverance… thereby helping them to do what many people think. is impossible,” Trung Kien said.

And Trung Nghia said that there are many things that we get discouraged and leave unfinished just because we haven’t tried to find the most suitable solution, not necessarily because of our weak capacity.

“For example, in the past, I struggled to learn English because I was too busy with my medical school schedule, I knew that I did not have language strengths, so it was difficult to remember new grammatical structures and words.

I’m not too smart either. But I know I have emotional capacity, so I discovered how to learn in context with meaning and emotion through movies or newspapers like CNN, LAT…

Later, I learned another method of learning thinking language called Linearthinking, so the systematization of knowledge in English became more and more effective”, Trung Nghia analyzed.

“And when studying and working is done in the most thoughtful and effective way, we have more time to spend with our loved ones and with hobbies and community activities,” concluded 9X doctors. .

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