Victims find it difficult to claim money when being scammed online

Online (online) scams have become a problem recently, taking advantage of the “high-wage light job” mentality, making a small part of people enjoy more or less to appropriate money and other types of property. According to the Vietnam Information Security Warning page, in 2022, nearly 13,000 cases of fraud were reported through the unit’s service portal.

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Online fraud has morphed into many different forms over time

However, the actual number may be much higher because most of the victims are afraid to report the incident to the authorities, along with the thought of ignoring “let it go”. The victim does not want others to know, including family members, and thinks that there is no chance of getting the money back because they can no longer contact the crooks or trace the authentic information.

Victims find it difficult to get their money back

According to a security expert of the Anti-Phishing project, victims of online scams are often afraid to report to the authorities for many different reasons such as lack of evidence to track down the crooks. , do not want family members to know, afraid of affecting life. Besides, there is the mindset of “ignoring the matter”, or the victim may not know the procedures for reporting to the authorities.

Not only attacking the psychology of “light work with high salary”, crooks also constantly change their operating methods, continuing to “pay money” for gullible victims when playing the role of lawyers, consultants or other agents. The unit helps to recover the lost amount and requires prepayment of part of the amount that has been scammed. But in reality, the owner also lost some more money.

In many cases of online scams, the chances of getting the lost money back are very difficult. Therefore, according to the Information Security Department (Ministry of Information and Communications), people must be equipped with the necessary knowledge to prevent themselves from “falling into traps”.

Currently, the Ministry of Information and Communications and many cyber-related units continuously warn about online frauds. The common feature of these forms is the use of huge profits to attract “prey” while the effort is not much to do. But that is just a trap set up and when there are victims, they will make the victim follow each step of the scam scheme.


There is no ‘high-paying light job’

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The mentality of wanting a “light job with a high salary” easily causes victims to lose a large amount of money

Recently, the most popular form of online fraud is that crooks constantly run ads, send messages introducing people working at major brands, brands or e-commerce platforms in need of collaborators. run sales”. They entice victims to fulfill virtual orders and pay large percentages on each completion. After creating trust, the crooks will ask to make a transaction with a large amount of money and then “disappear completely”, deleting all the information provided and exchanged before.

This form of fraud has been warned many times but still increases the number of victims. People should note that all transactions with e-commerce platforms, brands or reputable agencies and organizations, if through the website, only use an original website address, with the authentic stamp of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Meanwhile, the authorities will work through documents.

Sharing more about this problem, the representative of the e-commerce platform Shopee affirmed: “The recruitment information sent through phone messages, as well as the advertising content about recruiting collaborators has increased. Currently, our official recruitment information is only posted on the official website or Facebook account with a green tick, LinkedIn account or a reputable recruitment page currently partner”.

Similarly, a representative of Lazada floor confirmed that there are reports of cases of brands being abused in online scams, the common form of which is sending recruitment information to users via text message, Zalo. .. with the promise of attractive profits. The unit emphasizes that there is no activity of sending recruitment information via SMS, OTT applications, and at the same time does not ask customers to provide information through these communication channels.

To prevent frauds and ensure safety when banking, users need to pay attention to the following issues.

1. Absolutely do not access links, links in messages/emails of unknown or unknown origin.

2. Only log in to e-banking services through the official website of the bank you are using, you can contact the bank switchboard to get information on the official website.

3. Limit the use of public computers and public wireless networks when accessing the e-banking system.

4. Do not provide your online banking login name, password, OTP authentication code, bank card number via phone, email, social networks and websites.

5. Set a password that is hard to guess, change it often or when it is suspected of being leaked. Do not use password saving features for automatic login, do not use the same password for online banking login and email password or login password for social networks.

6. Sign up to receive notifications of transaction balance changes.

7. Register to use Smart OTP authentication method when transacting online.

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