With OMG 3Q to take the bus home, this New Year, parents only want me

When I was a kid, Tet was wrapped up in the joy of candy, lucky money and wearing new clothes. As we grow older, the hustle and bustle of adult life makes us worry and worry more when Tet comes. Released at the end of the year, the MV “Tet Then Sao” fully conveys the message “there is nothing more precious than spending time with family and parents on Tet holiday”. Specially designed by OMG 3Q to make shoes, the MV brings with it the excitement of spring but is still boldly dedicated to the gaming community.


Tet this year especially comes early, so the hustle every year becomes more urgent. Especially for those who are far from home, the pressure to succeed and make their family proud always holds them back, and then tries to “plow” for a few more days before boarding the bus home. This topic is not so new but is a constant and real concern every year. In the spirit of “all year, I’ve been busy”, OMG 3Q conveys in the song their sympathy and understanding of everyone’s efforts in the past year. The close-knit lyrics, fast, vibrant melody and cheerful vocals make the song even more catchy, easy to listen to, and easy to remember and help viewers excitedly hum along with the character’s grace.

With OMG 3Q to take the bus home, parents only want me this New Year - photo 1

The old story I forgot, let’s celebrate Tet first!

Recounting the busy stages to welcome the spring, but the New Year MV from OMG 3Q chose a gentle depiction so as not to create a heavy feeling for the audience. Concluding those chaos is the message “We still have time in our youth, parents and fathers only want me on New Year’s Day” which is integrated naturally but still has enough movement to convey the message. Without rushing or rushing, the MV is like an invitation from brothers and friends to go home to celebrate Tet with an excited and confident attitude in the new year.

With OMG 3Q to take the bus home, this New Year, my parents only want me - photo 2

In addition to the family element, the MV “Tet Then Sao” also reviews the close brotherly feelings between the OMG 3Q gaming community in the past year. Not only are they playing games together, they stick together like family, always present to support and encourage each other in life. Viewers can also see splendid game costumes come to life, carefully designed with vivid and bustling colors like new clothes to welcome spring.


With OMG 3Q to take the bus home, this New Year, my parents only want me - photo 3

MV “Tet Then Sao” is one of OMG 3Q’s special marks to celebrate the Lunar New Year. With the desire to bring meaningful, fun and rewarding entertainment experiences to players, the game has many other events taking place throughout the Tet season such as a special server, the promotion program “Tet Sum Vai” and the new version “Trust Beauty”. These playgrounds help gamers receive new fashion, attractive gifts, a large number of treasures to delight in entertainment and have fun during Tet this year.

With OMG 3Q to take the bus home, this New Year, my parents only want me - photo 4

A series of exciting New Year events from OMG 3Q

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