Died at home for more than 3 and a half years, no one knows

Sheet Sky News described it as a “tragic death” and revealed the victim’s name was Laura Winham, 38. She was found dead by her relatives at her home in the town of Woking in Surrey – Southeast England in May 2021.

The results of the investigation process just released on January 27 showed that Winham died in November 2017, which is the time when she was found dead more than three and a half years ago.

Victims are mentally ill, so they often have the illusion of “family members want to kill me”. Therefore, since 2014, she has been allowed to live separately to not contact her relatives.

At that time, Laura Winham’s family also reported to the local government for the victim to receive support policies.

But due to being unable to contact her sister for a long time, her brother went to Laura Winham’s home in May 2021. Peking through the door, this person only saw his feet sticking out of the blanket and called the police.

Died in the house for more than 3 and a half years, no one knows - Photo 1.

Laura Winham – who died in her home from November 2017 but was not discovered until May 2021. Photo: Sky News

The police then had to break the door to get in and the scene that appeared before them shocked everyone. Accordingly, when discovered, the victim was in a state of “mummy and only dry bones”.

Following clues at the scene, authorities discovered on an old calendar that scribbled words left by the victim with the plea “I need help”.

The fact that a loved one died a long time ago but was only discovered after more than three and a half years made Laura Winham’s family extremely angry. They believe that the authorities were negligent in helping the victim, even though she was entitled to state policies.

“The authorities turned a blind eye, those responsible also brushed their hands and forgot to make my sister tragically die,” the victim’s brother, Nicky Winham, told reporters.

“It’s heartbreaking to think about the time my sister had to go through. Can’t ask anyone for help, no one is around. It’s tragic,” – the victim’s relatives said.

The Surrey District Court is expected to hear the case on January 30. The victim’s family hopes that the court will “hold someone accountable for the death of Laura Winham” and also hope that through this case, there will be no similar cases.

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