‘Ideology’ Lilthu: Most of Gen Z’s blood is in battle, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life

“Positive, playful, playful” are 3 adjectives that Lilthu describes herself. Indeed, if anyone follows her on social networks, they will quickly acknowledge these very unique features. This is also what helps Lilthu stand out in the midst of the “age” of family members into TikToker.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's blood is in battle, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 1.

Regarding content on TikTok, Lilthu focuses on lifestyle topics, sharing personal views and daily life. But with a 1 – 0 – 2 expression and transmission, she is favored by netizens for the joke “Lilthu is an ideology”.

In addition, Lilthu also impressed with the host role of Gen Z Okela – a video podcast series about prominent Gen Z faces in many fields. Here, she showed many interesting features of herself, sometimes humorous and sometimes emotional, and led and analyzed the stories of the guests.

Pham Hong Anh Thu (Nickname: Lilthu)

Born in 1999

  • Living in Ho Chi Minh City

  • TikTok: @ilthuuu – 653k followers

  • Instagram: @lilthuuu – 160k followers

“Be brave” to disobey his family’s wishes, leaving the US to return to Vietnam

How’s Thu’s journey to TikTok going? Do you “use” or “play” TikTok?

Returning to Vietnam during the quarantine period due to the pandemic, I came to this platform in my spare time at home. At first, I just “played” TikTok, surfing the videos to see what’s trending, which ones are fun, I’ll cover them. But after a while, I started to get bored because I couldn’t find content that interested me. Besides, when I spend too much time surfing TikTok, I feel that I lose my previous productivity.

Since then, I wonder why I don’t create the content I like, maybe someone has the same interests as me. Then I decided to give it a try, turned on the camera and recorded the video as I wanted. Fortunately, my videos are supported and liked by many people.

So I switched to “using” TikTok by creating my own content. The more I do this job, the more opportunities I have, the more people know me. Currently, although using TikTok for work is the main thing, I still keep it as a hobby, an entertainment platform to promote creativity in projects.

Since when did Thu realize she also had a bit of fame?

In the period after the epidemic. For the first time walking down the street after a long time of isolation, suddenly there were about 10 people in a row “say hi” to me. That’s when I realized people were starting to know Lilthu, my TikTok content started to have an impact.

Is your popularity accidental or calculated?

I think both. Incidentally, when I started making TikTok during the quarantine period, people had more time to use social networks. The calculation lies in the content we create. All videos are the process of brain investment, dedication and careful consideration of trends or even viral elements. But of course, my calculations don’t always go as planned, there are videos that I just make randomly but attract a lot of attention.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's blood is war, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 3.

Once intended to study Medicine but now become a TikToker, what did you have to give up and what did you get?

When I was in the US, medicine was considered a “hot” field that parents wanted their children to study. My family, too, oriented me to the medical profession from an early age. That’s peer pressure, when I don’t follow that path, people around me will compare, evaluate and even “decry”.

I had to overcome strong objections from relatives, judgments like “unruly” or “rebellious” and had a period of time when I cut off contact with my family. In return, I achieved the life and work I wanted, what “was” when I was myself in my favorite profession and especially I took the initiative to turn my dreams into reality.

Currently, my family has trusted and supported me after the success I have achieved in the past.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's blood is war, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 4.

Confident online but sometimes “embarrassed” in real life

Listen to netizens often call “Lilthu is an ideology”, this ideology is specifically?

“slayyy” ideology! I think this ideology is for young people who like to be “naughty”, stylish and humorous in a funny way.

What about yourself attracts attention from the online community?

With a little confidence, looks are also a factor, right? *laugh*

Next to that is perhaps exclusive frankness. According to my observations, the Vietnamese online community is also somewhat fed up with stereotyped and old content, so their unique videos are like a new breeze that makes people excited and interested.

So is Thu in real life as straightforward as Thu on the internet?

Online Mail will be Real Mail when you are with friends and close people. Because it must be the time when I feel most comfortable and confident to express myself, then I decide to record a video to share my thoughts and opinions. From that abundant energy, I upload videos on social networks in the hope that the content I create will inspire viewers.

On the contrary, unlike many people think, Thu in real life will sometimes close herself and even be a little shy in places where many strangers are. However, my personality is very easy to integrate, so soon I become familiar with it, and I confidently “open up” even in any crowd. For comparison, in general, Thu is more serious and mature in real life, many people say that they are a bit “deep”.

There is an opinion that a TikToker can be done by many people, but KOL/influencer is not sure – What do you think?

I find this comment a bit biased. In my opinion, TikTokers are also content creators. Anyone’s brains and efforts should be recognized, especially when the content becomes viral and has a certain influence.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's bloodlust makes it difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 5.

I myself don’t put too much importance on the title, I care more about what I convey to the community. Over the past time, I have not stopped sharing positive and inspirational messages to my followers, such as calling for support for animal welfare, social areas such as gender equality, …

I have shown my voice in many areas of social life, and at the same time received support from a large number of followers. Many of you have messaged me to seek advice or advice, encouragement when you have problems in life. TikTok is just a platform, and I think I’m making good use of it. Regarding the title of TikToker or Influencer, my time and achievements will be the answer.

If you’re not popular on TikTok, you’ll be hot on other platforms too

“Everyone thinks they are so big until life gives them a big slap” – Thu has met any “slaps” to remember her life? What did you learn from that “slap”?

This is interesting, isn’t it? Most Gen Z have the spirit of “battle blood”, so it is difficult to avoid the first bumps in life. Fortunately, my life up to now is quite full, I have never encountered any major events and especially, I have achieved success quite early. Everything is basically under control, I still keep the spirit of progress and development every day to achieve the goals I set.

The biggest lesson when coming to this age is how to accept the loss. With things out of control, I learned to give, turning that loss into a meaningful experience in life.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's blood is in battle, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 6.

Lilthu is hot, but it must be admitted that there are products that you do not really cause fever and viral as expected. Is it something to make you more realistic?

It is true that there are products that do not meet our expectations. But as a new entrant in the creative industry, I still maintain the attitude of working and learning, so I don’t expect every product to be successful. As an inexperienced “player”, his advantage is that there are no “lost goals”, only valuable lessons that apply to the next “play”.

It’s not the failures that make me realistic, but I’ve always been realistic with my childhood dream. Years ago when few people knew the definition of creative industry, I answered a question about my future job as “I don’t know what profession but I want to help others better”. Since then, I have remained determined to make that dream come true, and I am still on the journey to convey more realistic inspiration.

Lilthu ideology: Most of Gen Z's blood is in battle, so it is difficult to avoid the first encounter in life - Photo 7.

Studying and doing a lot of things at the same time, there will be times when you are bored and tired, right?

Sometimes I’m quite confused, I don’t know if I’m doing the right thing and happy with the chosen path. It feels like there are two versions of the letter of struggle in my heart: a small emotional letter pulls me down with negative thoughts, a small rational letter reassures me with the achievements.

What does Thu do at such times?

When my mind is “noisy”, I often meditate to calm down. Or when stuck at work, I will look to nature, usually an empty tourist island to regain inspiration. Then the rational version will win, I will tell myself that I can do it and I’m doing well, keep trying to improve even more.

Finally, if you had to describe the past 23 years in one sentence, what would you say? If not famous in TikTok, now who is Thu and what to do?

Over the past 23 years, I have had certain successes, a full life, and been fortunate to meet many valuable opportunities. Although there are more turbulence ahead, I hope that I am still the “slayyy” Lilthu that everyone knows, keeping this innocence and positive spirit.

Even if it’s not TikTok, maybe Thu will still be famous on another platform. My orientation when returning to Vietnam is business and the process of developing personal image is a necessary stepping stone. That was my plan, TikTok was just an unexpected “predestination”.

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