Kia EV9’s largest electric car revealed price: Starting from 1.4 billion VND

Leaking Kia EV9 price even though the car has not been released - Photo 1.

Predicting the design of Kia EV9 will soon be fully launched in 2023 – Photo: Carscoops

Kia hopes that the large electric SUV, the EV9, launched this year will follow the success of the Telluride – a similar-sized car with an internal combustion engine it launched late last decade. To do this, the Korean brand asked Kia Telluride users themselves to find out what points they focus on and thereby complete the new name line.

According to the sheet ElectrekIn the past week, Kia has sent out a survey to ask Telluride users about “a new line of SUVs” around 5 vehicle configurations. The basic configuration starts at $ 56,000 with parameters of 200 horsepower, 338 Nm of torque and a range of 355 km.

The version directly above starts at 61,000 USD and has the same powertrain, but the range is drastically increased to 467 km.

The three configurations above all have the same capacity of 400 horsepower, but the highest version has a superior torque of 650 Nm compared to 514 Nm of the two lower versions. The price of these 3 copies is 63,000, 68,000 and 73,000 USD.

The official information surrounding the Kia EV9 will probably be announced before June this year and the time of the car’s launch is not too long away from the above milestone.

Temporarily, the Kia EV9 will not have many competitors in the popular large-sized electric SUV segment, with the name of the car that needs to be watched the most is the model of the Hyundai Ioniq 7 group.

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