Porsche teases strange cars to celebrate 75th birthday

Porsche teases strange cars to celebrate 75th birthday - Photo 1.

2023 marks Porsche’s 75th birthday and the company will launch an independent project to celebrate this momentous occasion – Photo: Motor1

The first car to start the Porsche brand was the 356 Roadster, launched on June 8, 1948. The 75th anniversary of this model is approaching. The German brand is preparing for the big day with a mysterious line of cars that has just been teased by the company on its official Instagram account.

The video released by the company shows a Porsche sports car covered in canvas lying between a 356 hardtop and the first 356 Roadster. The vehicle transport scene is also partially recorded with the vehicle in charge of transportation, the Vision Renndienst concept, which has a rather fancy van style.

The mysterious model will be released on the occasion of the 75-year-old Porsche

The reason why the mysterious Porsche is said to be a sports car is because the fastback style of the rear roof and the low, pointed nose are two common characteristics of fast-paced Porsche models. The size of the car seems to be on par with the 911 or slightly smaller. The vehicle’s powertrain uses a high probability of still running an internal combustion engine.

Porsche’s mysterious line of cars will be produced only once and will be more of a show than a business. The car will probably be released before June considering the 356 Roadster birthday mentioned above.

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