Protests across the US after the death of 5 policemen

Protests broke out in a series of US cities after the US police released a video of 5 policemen beating young Tire Nichols to death.

At least 11 cities across the United States have witnessed protests after the Memphis, Tennessee Police Department released a video of five officers beating to death young black Tire Nichols on January 7.

Hours after the video was released, crowds of protesters began pouring into the streets of Memphis, spilling onto the bridge connecting Tennessee with Arkansas. They chanted “no justice, no peace” and “justice for Tire”, causing the bridge to be closed for about three hours, before the crowd dispersed peacefully.

Groups of protesters also gathered in Atlanta, Georgia, and New York City, New York, in which some extremists appeared to have been arrested by police.

Protesters demand justice for Tire Nichols in New York, USA, on January 27.  Photo: AFP.

Protesters demand justice for Tire Nichols in New York, USA, on January 27. Photo: AFP.

In Chicago, Illinois, many protesters gathered in front of the city’s police department to express their grievances over the death of Nichols and call attention to the case of Anthony Alvarez, who was shot dead by Chicago police last year. 2021.

The crowd chanted and held up the slogans “Justice for Tire Nichols” and “Stop Police Violence”.

Activists have planned to hold further rallies in Memphis and many other major US cities, including New York, Washington, Philadelphia, Chicago, Detroit, Boston and Portland.

Protests in the US after the death of black man Tire Nichols

Protesters demand justice for Tire Nichols in New York, USA, on January 27. Video: Twitter/@ScooterCasterNY

Nichols’ family as well as US officials have urged protesters not to act violently.

“I hope the protesters are peaceful. If you’re here for me and Tire Nichols, please protest peacefully,” said RowVaughn Wells, Nichols’ mother.

Memphis police on January 27 released a video showing five officers trying to arrest Nichols, 29, trying to knock him down with a taser. When the young man ran away, the police team gave chase. Nichols then repeatedly cried for his mother and groaned as the police team punched him and beat him with batons.

The US released a video of 5 policemen beating a black man to death

A group of police officers assaulted Tire Nichols on the streets of Memphis, Tennessee, USA on January 7. Video: Memphis Police.

US President Joe Biden demanded a quick, complete and transparent investigation into the incident, and called for people to protest peacefully. The White House said it has notified mayors of more than 10 cities about federal government assistance in the event of protests.

Nichols’ incident recalls the case of black man George Floyd, who was killed by police in 2020. Floyd’s death then sparked protests across the US and spread to other countries around the world. gender.

Ngoc Anh (Theo Guardian/USA Today)

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