Russia claims to disrupt Ukraine arms shipments

The Russian Defense Ministry announced an attack on Ukrainian infrastructure, disrupting arms transport routes to the front lines.

“The attack disrupted the transport route of weapons and ammunition, including those provided by NATO, of the enemy to the front line. The forces completed their assigned tasks, all targets were met. All designations were hit,” Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said on January 27.

Russia claims to disrupt Ukraine arms shipments

Russian warship launches cruise missiles towards Ukraine in video released on January 27. Video: Star.

The speech mentioned the raid by dozens of Russian cruise missiles on Ukrainian territory a day earlier. General Konashenkov added that the strike also destroyed the repair facilities for many Ukrainian military units.

Ukrainian officials have not commented on the report.

A spokesman for Ukraine’s National Emergency Service said that the Russian military on January 26 launched a missile attack on 11 regions of the country, killing at least 11 people and damaging 35 structures. Ukraine’s military said that Russia used 55 cruise missiles, of which 47 were shot down, and about 24 suicide drones (UAVs).

From October 2022, Russia began to attack Ukraine’s energy and military infrastructure, with the goal of weakening its combat strength and forcing Kiev to the negotiating table. Nearly half of Ukraine’s energy infrastructure was destroyed or damaged after months of Russian raids, leaving people without electricity and heating for hours in sub-zero weather.

Ukraine says attacks on infrastructure are “war crimes”, accusing Russia of intentionally harming civilians and breaking its will. Meanwhile, Moscow explained that it targeted Ukrainian infrastructure to disrupt the flow of American and allied weapons to Kiev.

Vu Anh (Theo Star, Reuters)

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