Tran Thanh’s sister is pretty, attends a top school, Hari Won’s sister is not inferior, and her education is not good!

The couple Tran Thanh – Hari Won is a hot name in the entertainment industry. Therefore, all information about the male comedian couple is of great interest to the public. Especially, after the movie Lady’s House produced and directed by Tran Thanh, has the highest revenue in the history of the Vietnamese box office, the more the couple receives the attention of the public. Therefore, it is not too difficult to understand when Tran Thanh’s sister and Hari Won also receive equal attention.

Tran Thanh has 2 younger sisters, Huynh Trinh Mi and Huynh Uyen An. The youngest sister Uyen An is more noticed by the online community because she possesses many qualities to be famous for her beautiful face, standard body, and eye-catching fashion sense. About Hari Won, she also has 2 younger sisters, Maria Yoo and Rudya Yoo. If Maria Yoo is quite secretive, Rudya Yoo often appears with her sister, so the public is most interested.

Comparing both the beauty and education of Uyen An – Tran Thanh’s sister and Rudya Yoo – Hari Won’s sister is also “one nine, one ten”. It can be seen that the two girls are as “hot” as their siblings.

Uyen An – Used to pass the top school, now studying at the most expensive school in Vietnam

Huynh Uyen An (SN 1999) is Tran Thanh’s youngest sister. Into movie Lady’s House Produced by her brother, she received the female lead named Ngoc Nhi. Uyen An really shined in the first time taking on a heavy movie role. Audiences pay attention to Uyen An not only because of her beautiful appearance, serious about her profession but also her respectable education level.

Uyen An was soon a prominent face when she was a student at Le Quy Don High School. After graduating from high school, she entered the University of Theater and Cinema of Ho Chi Minh City – a school specializing in training theater, film and art groups in Ho Chi Minh City in particular and the Southern region in general. . This is considered a training cradle for leading actors and theater directors in the South.

Tran Thanh’s younger sister appeared in the movie House of Nuns.

However, Uyen An decided to put aside her stage dream to study at RMIT University. This is a school that creates conditions for Vietnamese students to have the opportunity to study at international standards with study programs in: Communication, technology, business and fashion.

Not only famous for the quality of training, RMIT University is also one of the famous schools in Vietnam for “rich children”. To study here, students have to pay tuition fees each academic year from 300 to 800 million VND, depending on the major.

Although studying at RMIT, thanks to her acting ability, Uyen An often participates in film projects such as: Godfather, Cha Cha Cha’s Neighborhood, Yin and Yang Eyes, Evil Mother Angel Father… And recently the movie Lady’s House is causing a fever at the box office.

In addition to studying, Uyen An also studied theater plays by artist Minh Nhi to hone her acting skills. She promises to be an extremely bright name in the Vietnamese entertainment industry in the near future.

Rudya Yoo – Studying at the top university makes many people surprised!

Rudya Yoo (SN 1993) – Hari Won’s youngest sister has a personality. She often travels between the two countries to study and work. Rudya Yoo often appears in her sister’s food vlogs and is not afraid to appear in public. She is considered by the audience to be beautiful, speaks Vietnamese very confidently.

Rudya Yoo studied at University of Social Sciences and Humanities – Vietnam National University, Ho Chi Minh City. This is a famous school leading the whole South in the field of science and society.

Tran Thanh's sister is pretty, attends a top school, Hari Won's sister is not inferior, and her education is not good!  - Photo 2.

Rudya Yoo with his sister Hari Won.

This place not only gathers students who possess excellent academic achievements but also diligently participates in extracurricular activities with more than 100 large and small clubs in the school, especially the Arts Club. This school also produced many famous people in the role of MCs, actors, singers, etc. Typical names must be mentioned: supermodel Lan Khue, singer Orange, …

Currently, Rudya Yoo is living and studying in Ho Chi Minh City. She spends a lot of time to improve her education and language, so she hasn’t appeared in public lately. In addition, in the past, Hari Won’s younger sister and Uyen An – Tran Thanh’s sister used to appear in products produced by Hari Won.

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