Ukraine wants to own F-16

Ukraine considers the F-16 to be a good choice to replace the Soviet-era fighter fleet, saying that it will take about six months for its pilots to master the controls.

“Our pilots can learn how to fly those planes in a few weeks. It will take about six months for them to master how to fight the F-16,” Ukrainian air force spokesman Yurii Ihnat said on 27/27. 1 statement. “They will have to learn how to use all the weapons that modern aircraft carry.”

Mr. Ihnat said that the F-16 could be the best option to replace the fighter fleet that Ukraine has with Soviet-made aircraft. A spokesman for the Ukrainian Air Force said that in addition to pilots, the country also needs intensive training for teams serving F-16 fighters on the ground.

American F-16 fighter returns to Spangdahlem airbase in Germany in September 2020.  Photo: USAF.

American F-16 fighter returns to Spangdahlem airbase in Germany in September 2020. Photo: USAF.

After Germany approved the transfer of the Leopard 2 main tank and the US agreed to aid the M1 Abrams, Ukrainian officials urged the West to transfer the fighter. They expressed their desire to receive 4th generation fighters, including the F-16, stating that this type of weapon will bring great advantages on the battlefield.

However, the United States and European countries have not yet transferred fighters to Ukraine due to concerns about the risk of escalation of hostilities, despite many times breaking barriers to aid in heavy weapons.

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius on January 27 denied the possibility of Germany transferring fighters to Ukraine because this is a more complex weapon than a main tank, as well as having a completely different range and firepower.

US Deputy National Security Adviser Jon Finer said on January 26 that the US would discuss the idea of ​​fighter aid “very carefully” with Ukraine and its allies. US officials have stated that the F-16 is a complex fighter, pilots need to learn to fly for months and require extensive maintenance, which is difficult to do in Ukraine during the war.

The F-16 multirole fighter, developed by General Dynamics in the 1970s, is used by the US and its allies. F-16 can reach a maximum speed of 2,121 km / h at an altitude of 12,000 m, a maximum ceiling of 18,000 m with a range of 546 km. F-16 is equipped with a 6-barrel 20mm cannon, 11 mounts that can carry 7.7 tons of weapons.

Nguyen Tien (Theo CNN, Guardian)

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