Why is the wave of job hopping after Tet every year inevitable?

Coming up again, job hopping after Tet is a topic that many people, especially office workers, discuss. In groups of “eight” stories about work, resignation posts attract the attention of many people. Some even joked that they opened the New Year by writing a resignation letter.

In companies, department heads and human resources departments have also become busier than usual. People who want to change jobs should diligently apply for jobs, the human resources department is aggressively recruiting, and the head of the department must spend time interviewing new employees. All create a lively scene in the job market.

Why is there a “wave” of layoffs every time after the Lunar New Year? Here are some reasons for this phenomenon:

1. Year-end salary and bonus

This is probably the biggest reason why people choose to change jobs after the Lunar New Year. Unsatisfied with the company’s remuneration, but have worked hard all year, so many people accept to work until the end of the year to receive Tet bonus.

When they have received enough bonuses, they will no longer be attached to the company and the old job, looking for a new job with better remuneration. That’s why topics like “Is it ungrateful to jump work after receiving Tet bonuses/after Tet?” no longer strange but always controversial.

Why is the wave of job hopping after Tet every year inevitable?  - Photo 1.

Inadequate salary and bonus is the reason why many people switch jobs after Tet – Illustration

2. After Tet is the recruitment season

According to the regulations in many companies, the resignation letter must be submitted 1 month in advance, so a part of the human resources department has already completed the resignation procedures before Tet. When the Tet holiday is over, they only work for a short time and then officially quit.

Therefore, the human resources department must also recruit during and after Tet to have a replacement in time. The labor market becomes more bustling, after Tet becomes the recruitment season, bringing many new job opportunities.

3. The mentality of eating Tet is calculated

When the Lunar New Year is approaching, everyone wants to be safe at work to have a safe amount of money to welcome Tet. At this point, applying for a job or hiring is considered inappropriate. Because this can not be completed in 1 day 2 but it is a long process.

As for job seekers, few people are willing to run around spreading resumes or interviewing in the last days of the year. Instead, people often have the mentality of having finished Tet and then thinking about it and starting to find a new job in the new year.

4. New year, so want a fresh start

Netizens have a common phrase for the New Year that is “New year – New me”. And one of the quick ways to refresh yourself is to change the public environment. The desire for good things in the new year is also a motivation for people to find new challenges at work.

Why is the wave of job hopping after Tet every year inevitable?  - Photo 2.

For those who like a challenge, job hopping brings new things

5. Want to completely solve personal relationships at the old company

Personal relationships with former colleagues, former bosses are always one of the important reasons why many people choose to leave. If the co-workership was dented in the old year, the new year is the most suitable time to end these relationships and find a more suitable working environment.

6. Tendency to find freedom at work

It is not difficult to see the fluctuations in employment trends in the past few years. Many people decide to leave the office to have more freelance jobs such as freelancers, start a business, leave the city to return to their hometown, etc. This also contributes to the situation of quitting work after Tet, looking for a new direction. .

Basically, the above things can be considered as the main reasons leading to the tendency to quit after Tet. However, each person has a different situation and different reasons for leaving, so it is difficult to tell them all. If you really plan to change jobs, no matter what, after the Lunar New Year holiday is still considered a reasonable time.

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