3 barriers preventing electric vehicles from becoming more popular

3 barriers preventing electric cars from becoming more popular - Photo 1.

The problems of electric cars will disappear over time and governments can speed up the process of popularizing this vehicle – Photo: Getty Images

In the world, many regions are considering banning internal combustion engine vehicles altogether in favor of electric vehicles – a greener, significantly cleaner segment for the environment. For example, the European Union members set a milestone of 2030 – 2035 for the above transition.

However, not every region in the world can impose such a ban, especially when the mass conversion to electric vehicles is still quite inadequate.

First, many consumers still do not believe the performance of electric vehicles, namely battery capacity and range. Not everyone has the ability to charge electric vehicles at home, while public charging for a long time is also impossible partly because of the cost, partly because of the time consuming and sometimes because of the network of stations. The charger is not wide enough.

Regarding the charging station, building a network with good coverage is not an easy factor. Where to install them needs to be calculated in detail to ensure two factors of convenience and safety. The fact that users often have to be next to the car while the car is charging makes dark and remote locations potentially dangerous. Not to mention the power network also needs to be expanded to serve the new number of charging stations.

Finally, the current electric vehicle service personnel is hardly enough.

In addition to 3rd party repairers who do not have much experience in servicing electric vehicles, human resources for maintenance, repair or construction of new charging stations are also a problem when this profession requires high skills.

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