Close-up of the girl’s beautiful beauty makes ADC say: ‘Like an angel’

Emerging three years ago, Kim Chung Phan is one of the hot TikTokers noticed by the community with her sweet, muse-like beauty. After that, along with the publicity of the dating relationship with the former “forest god” of Team Flash, her name became more and more popular.

A close-up of the girl's beautiful beauty made ADC say: Like an angel - Photo 1.

Not only working hard to build a personal image, on their platforms, the couple also actively “distributed salary”, showing off their sweet moments together. Both have enjoyed the feeling of happiness together, also went along in difficult times, receiving many criticisms. Up to the present time, this is one of the most beautiful and supported couples in Lien Quan Mobile village.

Although they have been dating for a long time, ADC still has sweet words for their girlfriends. For example, when Kim Chung Phan showed off her beauty on New Year’s Day, not only did she interact under her girlfriend’s post, the former player also shared pictures and publicly praised the hot TikToker: “You’re as beautiful as an angel.”

A close-up of the girl's beautiful beauty made ADC say: Like an angel - Photo 2.

The picture makes ADC exclaim – Source: FBNV

Kim Chung Phan is beautiful in ao dai – Source: FBNV

Hot Tiktoker weighs all styles – Source: FBNV

On his side, Kim Chung Phan also always refreshes, hones and perfects himself, making his image more and more beautiful in the eyes of the opposite person. No matter what style changes, pretty girls are always “rounded”, making a strong impression. If “the woman next to me is a man’s most precious jewelry”, then it’s easy to understand why ADC cherishes his girlfriend so much!

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