Doja Cat dominates Fashion Week 2023 with 4 unexpected makeovers

Last week, the online world became more vibrant not only thanks to the Lunar New Year but also the return of Haute Couture Paris Fashion Week (France) taking place from January 23 to 26. Surprisingly, the factor that occupies the spotlight this time is not an active face in the fashion village, but Doja Cat – a popular female singer and rapper.

Appearing at 4 shows within the framework of High Fashion Week, she brought 4 unique – strange – strange shapes with 4 completely different styles that made viewers admire. Looking back at the mark left by Doja Cat, the title Queen of Haute Couture Paris 2023 must have belonged to her.


Although Schiaparelli’s show has passed for nearly a week, the echoes left by Doja Cat still cause a fever in the internet. The singer appeared in the fashion house’s January 23 show with an All Red look – covered in red from head to toe, making everyone look back.

Doja Cat this time “plays big”, spending 5 hours on make-up, using up to 30,000 red Swarovski crystals meticulously attached one by one to cover all exposed areas of the body: head, Face, chest, shoulders, arms… As for the outfit, the female rapper wears a tight strapless skirt to create a very sexy hourglass body effect.

Viktor & Rolf

2 days later, Doja Cat “crass” at the Haute Couture show of Viktor & Rolf 2023. In this pose, she seemed to want to respond to the mockery “no eyebrows” in the previous Schiaparelli show. by using false eyelashes for eyebrows and beards. The female singer wore a plaid brown dress, wore sunglasses, and posed humorously at the show

jean paul Gaultier

Doja Cat dominates Fashion Week 2023 with 4 unexpected makeovers - Photo 4.

Going to Jean Paul Gaultier’s show, Doja Cat became “gentle” unexpectedly with a green color full of meaning. Rarely goes to a fashion show with fruit accessories, and Doja Cat chose a bunch of black grapes, ton sur ton with a different outfit.

At this show, Doja Cat continues to show off her hourglass body, but in a discreet way with a glossy blue dress with a powerful and luxurious belt.


A few hours later, Doja Cat suddenly changed with a completely new look to attend Valentino’s show. The ghostly gothic style was chosen by the female singer, showing off her mysterious but powerful beauty in black from top to bottom. Doja Cat wears a long black wig, platform shoes, and personality eye makeup – deep lips. Notably, the female singer also uses a hand-shaped Chris Havana handbag

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