Iran’s weapons production facility was suddenly attacked by UAVs

The above information is broadcast IRIB posted on the website on the morning of January 29: “The explosion occurred at one of the weapons production facilities of the Ministry of Defense. According to the announcement from the deputy leader in charge of security in Isfahan city, there were no casualties after the incident. explode”.

Iranian official Mohammad Reza Jannesar later told state television that the damage was being investigated and that the cause and factors for the explosion would be announced later.

Iran's weapons production facility was suddenly attacked by UAVs - Photo 1.

Screenshot from a social media video allegedly taken at the site of the explosion. Photo: Twitter

Theo Bloomberg, the deputy governor of Isfahan province, Mohammadreza Jan-Nesari, told national television that the weapons production facility in Isfahan province was the target of suicide drones and suffered “small damage” in the area. ceiling inside the facility. One drone was shot down by air defenses.

Later, the Iranian Defense Ministry confirmed that the explosion was caused by a drone.

State news agency IRNA Citing an announcement from the Iranian Defense Ministry on January 29, the incident occurred at about 23:30 on January 28. “One of the drones was shot down by the air defense system and the other two got caught in a defensive trap and blew up. Fortunately, this unsuccessful attack did not cause any loss of life, only damage. small for the roof of the factory” – the notice stated.

The announcement by the Iranian Defense Ministry did not attribute responsibility for the attack to any particular country or group.

In recent years there have been a number of explosions and fires around Iran’s military, nuclear and industrial facilities. The explosions are sometimes cause for concern amid tensions between Iran and Israel and the United States over Tehran’s nuclear program.

According to the news agency ReutersIsrael has long threatened to act against Iran if indirect talks between Washington and Tehran fail to save the 2015 nuclear deal.

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