Toc Tien was “shocked” when the audience threw their shoes on the stage

Currently, Toc Tien is one of the most popular female singers of Vpop, not only possessing a unique voice but also her musical personality is highly appreciated. Regularly appearing on large and small stages and receiving much attention from the public, perhaps the moment the audience threw their shoes on stage recently will be one of Toc Tien’s most memorable performances.

Clip: Toc Tien reacts very gracefully when the audience throws their shoes on the stage

Specifically, a TikTok FC channel of Toc Tien posted a clip recording a performance stage of the female singer. Accordingly, while she was posing to prepare for the next performance, suddenly a high-heeled shoe was suddenly thrown on the stage and not far from Toc Tien, making “the owner” and the audience alike. surprised present.

While Toc Tien was about to perform, suddenly a high-heeled shoe was thrown on the stage…

…yes, a spectator suddenly ran up to pick up his shoes.

However, Toc Tien still showed her professionalism on stage, the female singer kept her original position even though her face was quite bewildered by the situation of being thrown on stage like this. Fortunately, a female audience member came up to the stage and picked up the shoe, returning the stage to Toc Tien to perform. Faced with this situation, the female singer could not hide her emotions, bursting into laughter even though she was dancing and performing.

Toc Tien reacted very gracefully and quickly regained his spirit, continuing his performance.

This clip quickly went viral and received many comments praising Toc Tien’s professional stage handling. Many people were equally confused as the singer because they did not know how the shoe could “fly” on stage like that. However, this is probably just an unintended incident from the audience when accidentally “dropping” the shoe on the stage. What a very “Cinderella” moment but unfortunately Toc Tien is not… a prince!

Some comments from the online community:

– How did the shoe get there? Miss Tien smiled so sweetly.

– I’m going to make Cinderella throw her shoes, but unfortunately, Toc Tien is not a prince, so she picked it up herself.

– Tien is dumbfounded and doesn’t know anything, looks so cute.

– Toc Tien’s unstable night, but she’s so cute!

– Closing the year-end book is too much of a smile. Unstable.

– I watched it dozens of times because of Toc Tien’s smile. Ba so cute.

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