Want to buy cheap iPhone 14 Promax, cheated by ‘trap’ and lost VND 55 million

On January 28, news from Thanh Hoa City Police, Thanh Hoa province said that this agency is accepting and investigating a case of fraud to appropriate property in cyberspace.

Before that, on January 15, Mr. H. (living in Thanh Hoa city) saw a Facebook account named “NG Mai” posting information about selling phones. Iphone 14 Promax for 28 million dong. Seeing that, Mr. H. ordered 2 units for 56 million VND.

Knowing that Mr. H. had “fallen into a trap”, the scammer guided Mr. H. to the NA phone shop (Tran Phu street, Ba Dinh ward, Thanh Hoa city) to get the phone.

At the same time, the above subject contacted the NA phone store to order 2 Iphone 14 Promax phones for 62 million VND and said that he would give the person named H. to pick up the phone.

On the afternoon of January 16, Mr. H. went to the above address to get a phone. Mr. Ng. (store owner) gave 2 Iphone 14 Promax phones to check.

Because he believed that he was the subject of sending the phone to the NA store, Mr. H. transferred 55 million VND to Vietcombank bank account, account number 0331000429848 named Luong Thi Thanh provided by the subject.

After transferring the money, Mr. H. told Mr. Ng. hand over the phone, but because the payment has not been paid, Mr. Ng. not delivered. At this time, Mr. H. knew that he had been cheated and reported to the police.

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