Challenges surround Mr. Trump

Challenges surround Mr. Trump - Photo 1.

Former President Donald Trump speaks at an event in Columbia (South Carolina) on January 28 – Photo: AFP

Mr. Trump chose to speak in New Hampshire and South Carolina because these are two of the first states in the US to allow early presidential campaigns in presidential election years.

The good news for Republicans is that there will be plenty of talented people for years to come, but only one Donald Trump.

Senator Lindsey Graham praised the former president and stressed that no one will inherit the spirit of Trump.

Attacking DeSantis

Contrary to the crowded scene of thousands of people in previous years, Mr. Trump’s two rallies in the town of Salem in New Hampshire and Columbia in the state of South Carolina were somewhat quiet.

At Columbia, he spoke to about 200 people who were invited. Only South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster and Senator Lindsey Graham walked beside him, most of the other Republican federal congressmen were absent.

Since officially announcing his campaign for the third time last November, Mr. Trump has barely campaigned.

For months, he hid at his resort in Palm Beach, where he threw parties, broadcast messages through Truth Social and played golf.

As he flew to New Hampshire aboard a Boeing 757 with the giant “Trump” on it, he was determined to present himself as still an influential candidate capable of crushing any challenge within the Party. Republic.

“They say he (I) don’t hold rallies, don’t campaign. Maybe he’s lost his way. The truth is, my commitment is higher now than ever,” Trump said in New York. Hampshire.

According to the sheet Politicothe former president seems to have sensed the danger from other party opponents and he decided to act first with two rallies on January 28.

Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley called Trump and hinted that she would soon announce her intention to run for the White House.

But Ms. Haley could be just a modest challenge to Mr. Trump going forward. The biggest threat is Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, who is expected to enter the race soon.

“He won’t be the leader (America), I’m the one who got him elected. I’m the one who chose him for the position,” Trump said of DeSantis at the rally. in New Hampshire.

“When I heard that DeSantis could run, it was disloyalty to me,” the former president continued, and began attacking a potential opponent.

He accused the Florida governor of “trying to rewrite history” about his administration’s response to COVID-19.

He praised governors for not shutting down the epidemic and criticized Mr. DeSantis for ordering the closure of beaches and businesses in some areas of Florida.

Fierce internal competition

Mr. Trump’s campaign compiled research on various potential candidates Politico cite a well-informed source.

According to some surveys, Mr. DeSantis is leading Mr. Trump in several states that play an important role in the Republican primaries.

Inside the party, those who have stood with Mr. Trump in the 2016 and 2020 campaigns are also willing to criticize the former president in conversations with the media.

However, Mr. Trump himself has brushed aside concerns that he risks failing to win the Republican nomination. “Honestly I don’t think we have competition this time,” he said confidently.

The Trump campaign, in an email to supporters, cited a January 24 Emerson University poll that showed the former president leading DeSantis nationally by 55%. compared to 29%.

But a University of New Hampshire survey released this week showed the Florida governor had a 12 percentage point lead over Mr Trump in New Hampshire, even though Mr DeSantis has not set foot in the state in recent months.

Mr. DeSantis is not expected to announce his candidacy before the state legislature closes in early May, because he wants to build the image of a leader focused on work.

However, Mr. DeSantis will soon be traveling to other states to promote a book due to be published in February, and according to the newspaper. Washington Post, That will be the warm-up for the election campaign.

Many other figures are also considering running for the Republican presidential nomination, turning the party’s primary election into a fierce competition.

Silent sponsors

Some billionaires who have funded Trump’s previous campaigns have yet to mention donations. They include billionaire Robert Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah Mercer, who donated to Mr. DeSantis’ political committee.

For America’s seasoned master dealers, the Republican Party’s performance in the last midterm elections was an orange alarm.

Republican campaigners themselves are tired of Trump because of the recent noise, one of which is his meeting with a white supremacist advocate.

They don’t raise much money, but they are the ones who knock on doors to campaign for votes and raise money for party candidates in elections.

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