China launched a drug to treat COVID-19 as effective as Paxlovid?

Theo Global Times, Both drugs are taken orally and used to treat mild to moderate COVID-19 patients. The drug is intended for use by adults only.

Xiannuoxin was developed by Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (headquartered in Nanjing), Shanghai Institute of Medicinal Plants, Wuhan Institute of Virology, and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. VV116 is jointly developed by Shanghai Vinnerna Bioscience Company and several other research institutes from Shanghai.

China launched a drug to treat COVID-19 as effective as Paxlovid?  - Photo 1.

People wearing masks go shopping in the tourist city of Sanya (Hainan, China) during the Lunar New Year – Photo: REUTERS

According to Simcerre, the COVID-19 drug Xiannuoxin has demonstrated efficacy and safety in adult patients in phase III clinical trials. The results showed that the patient’s viral load decreased by 96% in the 5 days after taking the drug.

The company said it will begin mass production of this COVID-19 drug immediately, and will make it available widely through hospitals and online sales channels.

These domestic drugs are expected to help increase people’s access because the imported COVID-19 drug being used in China, Paxlovid, is currently priced at 271 USD for a course. Since January 19, a total of 10 drugs related to COVID-19 have been licensed for circulation, mainly for symptomatic treatment.

Although China claims it has passed the most difficult phase of the COVID-19 wave, the number of reported deaths in the past week is still high. According to NKH, in the week ending January 26, the country added more than 6,300 deaths.

While, AP Citing information from the Russian Embassy in North Korea as saying that Pyongyang has eased strict disease control measures over the past five days, imposed in the capital area to slow the spread of “severe epidemics”. respiratory disease”.

WHO has difficulty calling for funding

Theo Reuters, The Executive Board of the World Health Organization (WHO) meets from January 30 to February 7 to discuss the expanded role in addressing the next global health emergency after COVID-19.

The two main challenges facing WHO are the greater world expectations from this leading health agency; the second problem, however, is that states are unlikely to be willing to fund the agency to deal with these problems.

WHO needs to seek around $6.86 billion for the 2024-2025 budget to achieve its goals, including addressing the next wave of global health crises. This is a record amount that this United Nations organization has ever called.

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