Dialogue with Typical Young Citizens: Letting pressure become a driving force

Conversation in the twenties: Let pressure become a driving force - Photo 1.

Chairman of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Phan Van Mai congratulated Tran Khanh Tuong on the day he was honored with “Typical Young Citizen of Ho Chi Minh City” – Photo: DUYEN PHAN

Last year was a memorable time for Tran Khanh Tuong. Not long after being honored by Ho Chi Minh City as “Silent but noble example”, Tuong continued to be honored with the title of Typical Young Citizen of Ho Chi Minh City – a noble title for outstanding young typical of the city named after Uncle Ho.

Conversations with Youth right at the beginning of the new year as a silence for Tuong to look back and plan for the upcoming journey.

Mood wall:

– I chose to study nursing – medical engineering also for many reasons. First, because both my father and mother are sick, I want to study so that I can take care of my family.

Second, I see patients when they get sick, they are not only hurt physically, but also suffer mentally. I want to do something to help them in my ability.

The precious thing is that in very difficult circumstances, Tuong always has the will to rise up, study, actively participate in community activities with a very beautiful thought that there are still more people in need that he can help.

Mr. TRUONG VAN DAT (Head of Student Affairs Department at HCMC University of Medicine and Pharmacy)

Difficulties do not falter

* Just worrying about studying and burdened with a living, was there a time when the family’s breadwinner felt “drained” and how to recharge his energy at those times?

– Actually, sometimes I feel tired, I also feel very weak! But that hard work is also a source of motivation for me to strive every day. And almost never do I let any difficulties have a chance to stand in my way.

In addition, I also often participate in social activities and meet many people whose circumstances are much more difficult than mine, but they still do not give up.

They are like a source of strength, helping me to realize that sometimes the difficulties are only temporary and can be completely resolved.

* Everyone knows that going to medical school is quite a heavy program, but you yourself not only have to study…

– Studying is very heavy! But that is always the most important task, so I still have to prioritize my time for studying first.

Although the school has a lot of support, I have to work part-time to pay for many things on my own. I choose to ride a motorbike taxi because I can take the initiative in time, run whenever I have free time, it also allows me to be more proactive with my time.

* Honestly, have you ever wondered why life seems unfair to you?

– Honestly, sometimes I feel very self-deprecating, I also wish my family was a little better so that my journey would be less difficult.

But no matter what, family is still a sacred thing and an extremely important part for me.

It’s not only the place where I was born and raised, but also helps me feel the values ​​of love, teaches me to be more mature every day.

So no matter how difficult it is, I tell myself to always be responsible for my family. That is also the motivation that helps me to strive every day, to make more efforts to help my family overcome difficulties.

When someone does a good deed, I believe they will be happy and let’s start with every small thing around, not necessarily a big thing.


What I do is just a little thing

* Being awarded “Silent but noble example”, then “Typical young citizen of Ho Chi Minh City”, will these titles create pressure on you?

– Becoming “Typical Young Citizen of Ho Chi Minh City”, I am very proud of that noble title but frankly I have a bit of pressure.

Sometimes I wonder if I really deserve the title, knowing that the board considered many reasons before voting.

Even when I was awarded the “Silent but noble role model” by the City, I see that my personal contributions are not that great, just doing what I can and making sure who is in it. My situation would do the same.

Not only that, there are many people out there who contribute more than me, more enthusiastic than me.

The title I have already received, the next question is how to deserve what is given.

Of course, if I had to point out right now that I needed to do this, that wouldn’t be that simple. But I realize that it takes a lot of effort to improve myself every day.

* People also refer to you with the dear name “driver of 0-dong buses”. Since when did Tuong do that, and what do you get in return?

– When driving, I see patients who sometimes still have needles and gauze on their bodies and have no money for a ride.

I partly feel the physical pain as well as the mental pain they are suffering. I just want to help them a little, take the bus for free.

At first only a few trips, then more and more because many sick people are very poor. After each bus ride, seeing them smile, I also feel happy with their happiness.

It’s a small thing but I don’t always get to see poor patients smile, right?

* You are also known as an active student of the Union – Association…

– Since high school, I have been involved in movement activities and realized that I have learned many things, helped me become more mature, and made me independent.

That environment also gives me experiences, realizes many values ​​in life, feels happiness and encourages me to overcome difficulties, so I always try to arrange to participate in activities no matter how busy I am. .

Do good, why be afraid!

* Do you see the fact that many people seem to be somewhat afraid to do good in today’s society?

– From a personal perspective, I think the more modern social life sometimes leads to indifference, a lifestyle that is more self-centered.

There are even people who use the name of good deeds to cover something up or are self-seeking for their own gain. But no matter what, I believe that society still has good people with good hearts.

So why don’t we boldly do the things we find right and like, the things we realize are meaningful for life.

I believe when someone does a good deed, they themselves will feel happy and have nothing to be afraid of. It doesn’t have to be a big deal, let’s start with the small things around us. As long as each person does a little, the contribution will become a big thing.

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