Huge explosion in Pakistani church, more than 100 people were injured

Police official Sikandar Khan told Reuters news agency that many people were gathered to pray at the church when the bomb went off, part of the building collapsed.

Mohammad Asim, a spokesman for Lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar, said they had received 90 injured people, some in critical condition.

Big explosion in Pakistani church, more than 100 people were injured - Photo 1.

Authorities at the scene of the explosion on January 30 – Photo: AP

According to police, at least 260 people were at the church when the tragedy happened and many were still trapped under the rubble.

Al Jazeera’s Kamal Hyder, reporting from Islamabad, said the emerging information was that the attack could have been carried out by a suicide bomber.

“We are also gathering details … the suicide bomber himself was sitting in the front row during mass prayer inside the mosque,” Al Jazeera reported.

Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan took to Twitter to condemn the attack. “It is imperative that we improve intelligence gathering and fully equip our police force to combat the growing threat of terrorism,” he said.

No one immediately claimed responsibility for the Peshawar bombing. The city is the capital of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province bordering Afghanistan.


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