Launching the Green Age Photo Contest, themed ‘Season’

Launching the Green Age Photo Contest, themed 'Season' - Photo 1.

Photo of Nguyen Hoang Gia Phuc’s participation in the Green Age Photo Contest – Photo: NGUYEN HOANG GIA PHUC

The Green Age photo contest turns 16 years old

The Green Age photo contest is jointly published by the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City YouthPhuong Nam Joint Stock Company, FPT Polytechnic High School – College organized for middle and high school students in Ho Chi Minh City.

This year is the 16th time the contest has taken place, in order to create a learning environment, practice skills and practice for students, students to study photography at the middle and high school levels, the 10th grade fine arts with the theme of design. multimedia art designer and student interested in photography.

Like the previous times, the participants of the Green Age Photo Contest are students of middle and high schools and students of continuing education centers, vocational education centers – continuing education. Thu Duc City and districts in Ho Chi Minh City love photography.

Launching the Green Age Photo Contest, themed 'Season' - Photo 2.

Photo of student Tran Duc Luong’s photo contest contest at Green Age this year, capturing the moments of “Tet season” in District 1 (HCMC) – Photo: TRAN DUC LUONG

This year, the contest has the theme “Season”, asking students to feel about “Season” and record the best and most meaningful photos from a personal perspective.

Talking about this topic, a representative of the organizing committee from the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City said that “Season” evokes many thoughts and interesting thoughts. The “seasons” of nature are spring, summer, autumn, winter, rainy season, sunny season, etc., with heaven and earth, plants and trees change according to the rhythm of time.

It is the “season” of people’s hearts with a season of love, a season of reunion, a season of sharing… with so many emotions filled. The “season” of youth has a happy school season, an exam season, a farewell season, a season of volunteering, … with countless memories that won’t fade;…

The contest will be divided into 2 rounds. In the preliminary round, contestants will send photos or a bunch of photos to the organizers at

These photos must be taken by students from June 1, 2022 to the end of February 18, 2023, photos taken by other people, collected photos, and collages cannot be used.

Launching the Green Age Photo Contest, themed 'Season' - Photo 3.

The work taken by students in Da Lat in winter from Tu Thanh Tan participated in this year’s Green Age photo contest – Photo: TU THANH TAN

Contest photos can be color or black and white, but must be photos that have not been entered into any contest. Deadline for submission of entries is February 25, 2023.

Results of the preliminary round will be announced on the portal of the Department of Education and Training of Ho Chi Minh City. Students whose works are selected in the preliminary round will continue to compete in the final round, scheduled to be held on March 18, 2023.

Here, students will make and submit a set of photos right at the contest location according to the topic, number of photos, and the structure of the set of photos prescribed by the organizers.

The contest organizers will award certificates of merit from the director of the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training to the winning teams and individuals, including collective and individual prizes.

Launching the Green Age Photo Contest, themed 'Season' - Photo 4.

“Sunshine truck” – the work of student Doan Tran Doan Trang for the Green Age photo contest – Photo: DOAN TRAN DOAN TRANG

Regulations on photos submitted to the Green Age Photo Contest

There is no limit to the number of photos submitted. Entries can be single or set photos.

The organizers encourage students to participate in submitting photos for the contest regularly, which can be submitted many times during the time of receiving photos of the preliminary round, on the website:

Entries must meet the following requirements: Entries must be submitted in digital format (.jpg).

The name of the work is set in an unsigned form (Example: The photo work named “Muayeuthuong” is named for the image file Muayeuthuong.jpg).

The photo is clear, with a file size of at least 2 MB, in jpg format with a resolution of 72 dpi or higher.

Candidates are only allowed to use software to adjust the brightness, darkness, contrast, and image size.

Do not frame, stitch, delete or add details in the image. Contest photos must be fully captioned with up to 100 words (with accents): Name of work, where, when, what character or event with a clear explanation of the story in the photo as possible ( Candidates are responsible for the information related to the contest photos).

Photos submitted for the contest have not been used in newspapers (including online newspapers), online news sites and have not won prizes in other photo contests.

Photo taken with a digital camera or smartphone.

The organizers have full rights to use the photos and photo sets of the contest, for the purpose of promoting the movement and development of photography.

Contestants are responsible for sending original photo files at the request of the organizers to check or to enlarge the exhibition photos.

In case the contestant does not submit the original image file, the work will be considered illegal and disqualified.

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