Equipping the power of control to live together

It was Elon Musk, one of the founders of OpenAI, who had to rate ChatGPT as “scary” because of its “terrible” intellectual power. ChatGPT is an intelligent response machine called a chatbot, but it is more powerful than all existing chatbots thanks to the huge store of knowledge it is “taught” to. Professor Michael Wooldridge, who specializes in AI at the Alan Turing Institute (UK), thinks that it takes 1,000 human lifetimes to read all the knowledge that ChatGPT currently has. Meanwhile, with the technology of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, etc., ChatGPT machine will constantly learn and supplement its own knowledge.

Although currently only a few countries can register for an OpenAI account to use ChatGPT, more and more people in Vietnam have been able to access this super chatbot (by using the phone number in Vietnam). abroad, using VPN technology…). At this time, ChatGPT understood and was fluent in Vietnamese, even able to write articles and poems in Vietnamese.

British journalist Henry Williams commissioned ChatGPT to write an article about payment gateways. Just 30 seconds later, he received an article with the quality of his content, which if he could write like that, it would take hours. After verifying and editing to perfection, journalist Henry Williams sent the article to the editorial office and published with a royalty of 615 USD.

Some university lecturers abroad reported that they have received essays written by students through ChatGPT whose quality is “praiseworthy”.

Of course, ChatGPT is still just a machine developed and trained by humans. It’s still not perfect and is still an artificial intelligence – a machine intelligence, requiring the user to have the ability to verify and calibrate what it produces.

Either way, super AIs like ChatGPT are the achievements of modern advanced technology. People have to accept living with them. ChatGPT is a technology tool, so it’s up to the user to use it for good or bad. Therefore, with the special power of ChatGPT, people need to specify the rules to be able to make the most of its positive things to serve people. While it is neither possible nor advisable to attempt to restrain or chain superAIs like ChatGPT, one needs to quickly arm themselves with the ability to control them from harmful abuse. See how the world reacts!

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