Scary warnings about super AI ChatGPT

Experts warn that ChatGPT can be abused in phishing activities, cyber attacks, spreading misinformation and plagiarism.

ChatGPT will usurp Google?

ChatGPT was built by OpenAI Artificial Intelligence Research Company on the basis of GPT-3 language processing model, capable of back-and-forth dialogue and “composed” according to user requirements.

On January 23, 2023, Microsoft announced the expansion of its partnership with OpenAI and announced a new multi-year investment with a budget of about $10 billion amid the artificial intelligence race. is heating up. Notably, the announcement of the partnership with ChatGPT comes a week after Microsoft announced the layoff of 10,000 employees globally.

OpenAI also has one of the famous founders, technology billionaire Elon Musk, who is known for developing futuristic and space-scale projects including SpaceX, Tesla and recently became the new owner of OpenAI. Twitter.

OpenAI was co-founded by billionaire Elon Musk and investor Sam Altman in 2015, but Musk left the board in 2018. Microsoft was one of the first corporations to pour money into this company, with a capital of 1 billion USD in 2019.

Microsoft will soon combine ChatGPT with Bing, the search engine that competes with Google. This search engine can respond to internet users in a better way, instead of displaying a list of links. According to Forbes, OpenAI recently revealed that it will launch a premium version – of course for a fee – of ChatGPT called “ChatGPT Professional” with faster responses and unlimited number of inquiries. Specific fees have not yet been announced.

Mr. Sam Altman, also the CEO of OpenAI, said he was shocked that ChatGPT was so popular. Mr. Altman said that ChatGPT is on a journey to universalize with the community, like any other AI, it is controversial and does not exclude the risk of abuse.

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Some experts warn that ChatGPT can be abused for purposes of fraud, cyberattacks, spreading misinformation and plagiarism Photo: Reuters

Smart as ChatGPT

Not only passing the US medical licensing exams, ChatGPT continued to affirm its intelligence when it passed the MBA exam of the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania.

According to a recent study by Professor Christian Terwiesch at the Wharton School, ChatGPT can pass the final exam for the school’s master of business administration (MBA) program with a score of B- to B.

GS Terwiesch says the AI-driven GPT-3 chatbot’s score shows its remarkable ability to automate some of the skills of highly-paid knowledge workers in general. and especially knowledge workers in jobs traditionally reserved for MBA graduates as analysts, managers, and consultants. He also concluded that ChatGPT is also very good at modifying its responses to human suggestions.

According to NBC, Prof Terwiesch’s findings come as educators are increasingly concerned that artificial intelligence chatbots could help students cheat. Although chatbots – one of the automated response systems – are not a new technology, ChatGPT exploded on social media in late 2022.

Earlier this month, the New York City education agency announced a ban on ChatGPT from school devices and networks. Much of the debate has focused on ChatGPT’s dialogue and coherent responses by topic, which makes it difficult to distinguish between AI and human respondents.

Experts working in the fields of artificial intelligence and education also admit that chatbots like ChatGPT can be detrimental to education in the future.

However, in recent interviews, some educators and experts have not paid much attention to the issue. Andrew Karolyi, Dean of SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University (USA), told the Financial Times that ChatGPT will continue to improve and that managers and universities need to invest in this chatbot to develop. education.

In the same opinion, Prof. Terwiesch believes that there is a way to combine education and AI to improve students’ learning ability. However, some experts also warn that ChatGPT can be abused for purposes such as fraud, hacking, spreading misinformation and abetting plagiarism.

Chatbot competition

Tech giants like Alphabet Corporation, the parent company of Google and Amazon, have invested billions of dollars in AI-related research. Alphabet recently revealed it was laying off 12,000 employees globally and shifting its focus to AI. Google’s management even issued a “red alert” because there were concerns that chatbots like ChatGPT could replace their search engines.

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