Ukraine calls on Germany to help attack submarines

The Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine said that Berlin should deliver a Type-212A submarine in service to help Kiev deal with the Russian navy in the Black Sea.

“The German group ThyssenKrupp produces one of the most modern submarines in the world, the Type-212A. The German military has six such ships. Why don’t they send one to Ukraine to help us chase the seas? Russian troops out of the Black Sea,” Ukrainian Deputy Foreign Minister Andriy Melnyk wrote on Twitter on January 29.

Mr. Melnyk visited the Type-212A submarine in 2008, when he served as Ukraine’s consul general in Germany. “An admiral told me that it only takes one such warship to contain Russia’s Black Sea Fleet,” the Ukrainian official said.

German Type-212A submarines joined NATO missions in 2018. Photo: German Navy.

German Type-212A submarines participated in NATO missions in 2018. Photo: German Navy.

Ukraine’s deputy foreign minister also called on Germany to provide the Lubeck missile corvette, which was decommissioned last month. “It is a warship that has been in service for 32 years, but can still be delivered to Ukraine to deal with Russian warships and submarines in the Black Sea. If it is not possible to provide the entire ship, they can provide missile support. fire Harpoon and its Sea Sparrow,” he wrote on Twitter.

Andriy Melnyk was Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany from 2015 to 2022, before returning to the country and taking the position of deputy foreign minister late last year.

He used to make a lot of bad impressions on the host country because of his objectionable statements and public controversy about Berlin’s aid policy for Kiev. Melnik in May 2022 called German Chancellor Olaf Scholz a “shameful sausage bar” and later apologized for the statement.

Location of the Black Sea.  Graphics: WP.

Location of the Black Sea. Graphics: WP.

Six Type-212A class submarines of the German navy were launched between 2002 and 2015, equipped with diesel engines and air independent propulsion (AIP) systems. This design allows the submarine to travel at high speed with diesel engines, or operate with extremely low noise for three weeks using the AIP system without needing to come to the surface.

Type-212A submarine is 56 m long, 6.8 m wide and has a displacement of 1,800 tons when submerged. They often perform reconnaissance and surface ship hunting missions, and are equipped with 13 533 mm DM2A4 torpedoes connected to the submarine by optical cable, allowing the crew to control the projectile at a maximum range of 50 km.

Vu Anh (Theo Anadolu Agency)

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