El Pais: Spain sends Leopard tanks to Ukraine

El Pais: Spain sent Leopard tanks to Ukraine - Photo 1.

Leopard 2 tank of the Spanish army during the Silver Arrow 2022 exercise in Latvia – Photo: REUTERS

According to government sources of The countrythe number of tanks Spain can send will depend on the state of the country’s arsenal, as well as the number of tanks other countries decide to send to Ukraine.

According to Reuters news agency, a spokesman for Spain’s Ministry of Defense did not yet respond to a request for comment.

In recent times, Kiev has received commitments from the West to supply main battle tanks to help counter Russia’s “special military operation”.

Moscow is making every effort to make incremental progress in eastern Ukraine.

On January 31, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba announced that his government hopes to receive about 120-140 Western tanks from the 12-nation coalition in the first batch.

Mr. Kuleba said that number of tanks will include the German Leopard 2, the British Challenger 2 and the US M1 Abrams tank. However, he did not specify when this transfer will be made.

According to Foreign Minister Kuleba, Ukraine is continuing to lobby efforts to convince more countries to supply tanks to Ukraine at a “critical” time of the conflict. He also noted that Ukraine “really looks forward” to a consensus on the delivery of Leclerc tanks by France.

In addition to tanks, Ukraine has recently lobbied countries to provide more weapons to counter Russian forces, including missiles and fighter jets.

One of the newest keywords on the Ukrainian battlefield is the F-16. Recently, the Ukrainian side revealed that it was negotiating with Poland on the supply of F-16 aircraft.

Ukraine impatiently waits for weaponsUkraine impatiently waits for weapons

Although Western countries have agreed to provide tanks and some are considering sending combat aircraft to Ukraine, the question now is whether these weapons will be able to reach Ukraine in time when the fighting is fierce and Russia has captured the enemy. the beginning of the great counterattack?

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