Sell ​​diesel car to buy electric car, car owner regrets ‘bad invention’

Selling diesel cars to buy electric cars, car owners regret a bad invention' - Photo 1.

A mother in the UK said she gave up diesel cars to switch to electric cars, as a result she just wanted to return the goods – Photo: @thesimpsonthree

TikTok users @thesimpsonthree Confided in the posted video that she searched for an hour to find a “working” charging point.

Her frustration comes from the lack of working charging stations in the UK. She said that at the first station, she spent up to 15 minutes waiting in line for charging. At the second charging station, the charging capacitor failed even though the app was still working. Meanwhile, the amount of electricity on the car is only enough to go 60km, not enough for her to go home from work at off-hours.

“That pissed me off. If possible, I will return this car,” complained the owner of the electric Peugeot 208.

“Give me back the petrol car, because the UK is not ready for an electric car,” she added.

Another issue that makes this mother extremely frustrated is the price. In the UK, there are only 3 electric car models that cost less than £ 30,000 (VND 870 million). Meanwhile, at the same price, there are hundreds of models running on gasoline and diesel.

She also assessed that the cost of raising electric cars is not much cheaper than the inconveniences encountered. “If you can charge at home, of course, going by electric car is still cheap, but if you have to rely on charging stations, then the cost will definitely increase.” Especially now that electricity bills in the UK have increased, narrowing the gap in the cost of refueling cars.

Selling diesel cars to buy electric cars, car owners regret a bad invention' - Photo 2.

@thesimpsonthree uses a Peugeot 208 electric car – Illustration: InsideEVs

A businesswoman also voiced a complaint. Sophie Preston-Hall, who lives in the UK, told the site The Sun that spent 12 hours commuting from Essex to Blackpool in an electric BMW i8 to attend the awards ceremony because it was barely able to charge along the way. Similar to @thesimpsonthree, the charging stations she found don’t have to wait in long lines to be broken. This route she has traveled many times, and it only takes about 4-4.5 hours when using a petrol car before.

Selling diesel cars to buy electric cars, car owners regret a bad invention' - Photo 3.

Long charging time, not only a technical problem but also having to queue, frustrating many electric car owners – Photo: The Sun

Theo The Sunthe 4 biggest complaints from electric car owners today are:

– Although electric vehicles still only account for a small market share compared to internal combustion engines, the number of charging stations is still not enough to meet the demand, “ghost charging stations” are also quite a lot.

– Long charging time. If on average each person takes 30 minutes to charge, the possibility of waiting in line is quite high if many people have the same need.

– High price of electric car.

– The possibility of minor damage is low, but once there is a problem, the cost of repair and replacement is very high. Insurance costs are also higher than those with internal combustion engines.

Selling diesel cars to buy electric cars, car owners regret a bad invention' - Photo 4.

A familiar scene at many charging stations – Photo: Daily Mail

Ginny Buckley, founder and CEO of, admits: “In 2020, an average of 16 vehicles will be served by each charging point. Today, on average, each charging point is worth 30 cars. This leads to many people having to wait long during peak hours, while many charging stations malfunction or fail. This almost does not happen at gas stations. Electric vehicle users deserve to experience the same convenience as when they fill the tank with gas or oil.”

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