7 tips to fix the habit of spending money like water

7 tips to fix the habit of spending money like water - Photo 1.

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Want to save money? Stop wasting money by practicing these 7 habits.

1. Reward yourself for not shopping

It may sound counterintuitive, but here’s a trick to keep you from wasting money.

To create new savings habits, you need to reward yourself to create motivation.

For example, this weekend, you made up your mind not to hang out at your favorite fashion store like you usually do. Take that money out, give it to yourself by putting it in a piggy bank, or deposit it in a separate savings account.

When you have a decent amount of money, you can withdraw it to pay off debt, or treat your family to an outing.

2. Eliminate the temptation to save

Learning how to change wasteful spending habits is similar to breaking bad habits. That is, you cut off contact with the source of your “incitement”.

First, you need to stay away from shops and malls. You just set foot in the shop, you will want to spend money.

The second is to “stop” online shopping, and stop viewing online product advertisements. Sometimes you just need to see a product on the Internet, you will have an urge to buy.

Stronger, you should unfollow the sales pages on social networks that you often buy junk, like selling clothes or home decorations.

When you really need to shop, make a list of what to buy in advance.

3. Set a rule: Think 24 hours before “closing an order”

This rule is for the case you suddenly come across and want to buy something.

Force yourself to go home, and think hard. If after 24 hours, you are still thinking about it, you can go back to the store and withdraw the payment wallet.

4. Ask questions before buying

The third habit can be a bit troublesome if it’s the last day of the sale, or you’re afraid someone else will buy it because the sale price is too good.

In case you can’t wait 24 hours, you can test your will with questions like:

“Is it really worth buying or am I buying it just because it’s on sale?”

“If it’s not on sale, will I still buy it?”

“Do I need this item?”

“Is this item of good quality?”

“Can I afford it?”

“What do I have to trade for this?”

If you don’t intend to buy if the item is not on sale, it’s best not to buy.

5. Maintaining the principle of “Spending cash” will save a lot

When you swipe your credit card, you’re not actually paying for a purchase. What you are doing is borrowing money to spend first.

Taking cash out of your pocket makes you much more nostalgic. Because at that time, you see with your own eyes that the money is disappearing. You will definitely be more picky in your spending.

Keep your card at home, and you won’t be wasting money on unnecessary things.

6. The principle of “Buy one, get rid of one”

This habit is extremely useful, helping to prevent the habit of spending money like water.

The principle is simple: every time you buy a new item, you have to throw away the same item you already have.

For example, you just bought a lovely, cardboard pillowcase with curtains. When you get home, you need to throw away an old throw pillow, or other decorative item.

Surely you will gradually consider carefully before shopping, the house will be neat and airy.

7. Love what you have

Why would you waste your hard earned wages on things you don’t like?

Love everything you own. If you are not 100% satisfied, you should wait until you find something more perfect.

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