Japanese diner licks cup, smears saliva on sushi

The company that operates the conveyor belt sushi restaurant chain Sushiro filed a complaint against a customer who licked his cup and smeared his saliva on a sushi plate on the conveyor belt.

A 48-second video recently shared on social media shows customers at a branch of Sushiro in Gifu Prefecture, central Japan licking the mouth of an open bottle of soy sauce, placing their mouth in an unused cup of tea, then smearing it. saliva-covered fingers on a plate of sushi moving on a conveyor belt.

The video has been viewed millions of times on social media and angered many people. Akindo Sushiro Company, which operates the Sushiro restaurant chain, filed a complaint with the police on January 31.

The company said it has received a direct apology from the diner featured in the video and his or her guardian, but that it intends to “continue to respond sternly in both civil and criminal capacity” to the incident. events.

Sushi dishes in a restaurant in Japan.  Photo: LightRocket.

Sushi dishes in a restaurant in Japan. Photo: LightRocket.

Akindo Sushiro’s move comes as videos emerge of unsanitary behavior by diners at the company’s and competitor’s restaurants, where food is served in plates that move by conveyor belts through multiple restaurants. guest. Criticism on social media is growing for these behaviors.

According to the company, the store in the video has cleaned all cups and replaced all bottles of soy sauce. Customers at restaurants and nearby stores will pick up utensils and condiments from a serving point. The company will also provide disinfected tableware to diners who request it at any of its branches nationwide.

Sushiro’s competitor Hama-sushi also filed a complaint with the police after video emerged last month showing a customer smearing mustard on moving sushi on a conveyor belt. The company is considering filing a civil lawsuit that includes a claim against the diners in the video.

Huyen Le (Theo Kyodo News)

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