New Speaker of the US House of Representatives said he will not be influenced by China

US House of Representatives Speaker McCarthy, who took office early last month, said China cannot decide where or when he will go.

“I don’t think China can tell me where and when to go,” US House Speaker Kevin McCarthy told reporters outside the White House on February 1, when reporters asked about the reaction after China warned. told him not to visit Taiwan.

Page Punchbowl News On January 23, it was reported that the Pentagon was preparing for Mr. McCarthy to visit the island of Taiwan. The new discussion process is at an “initiation stage” and officials in the administration of President Joe Biden expect the visit to take place in the spring.

China on January 30 warned senior US officials not to visit Taiwan, calling for the “One China” principle to be adhered to and no action to damage bilateral relations, erode peace and stabilize the two sides of the Taiwan Strait.

Du Xikun, head of Taiwan’s legislature, said on February 1 that China was overreacting to US congressmen’s visits to the island, which he described as “very normal”. Mr. Du is in the US for a conference but did not say if he had met US officials or Mr. McCarthy.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy speaks to a news conference outside the White House after meeting with President Joe Biden on February 1.  Photo: AFP

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy speaks to the press outside the White House after meeting with President Joe Biden on February 1. Photo: AFP

Taiwan has always been a hot issue in US-China relations in recent years. China considers Taiwan a province awaiting reunification and has vowed to use force if necessary. The United States does not establish formal relations with Taiwan, but is the main supplier of weapons to the island.

Tensions around Taiwan escalated after Nancy Pelosi, a Democrat, visited the island on August 2-3, 2022 while serving as speaker of the US House of Representatives. Mr. McCarthy also said at the time that he would visit Taiwan if the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives after the November 2022 midterm elections.

China reacted harshly to Ms. Pelosi’s visit by holding unprecedented large-scale live-fire drills around Taiwan and imposing sanctions on Ms. Pelosi, suspending bilateral cooperation with the US on many areas. important areas.

Taiwan’s Defense Agency said on February 1 that China on January 31 increased its military activities around the island. Taipei sent fighter jets and activated missile systems to respond after 34 aircraft and nine warships sailed near Taiwan. Analysts said this could be a warning from China that Mr. McCarthy should not repeat Ms. Pelosi’s actions.

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