Is it easy to ban US investment in Chinese technology?

Information from the sheet Politico said the White House is considering issuing the above ban, applicable to areas such as artificial intelligence (AI), quantum computing, 5G, semiconductors …

Theo Politicothe internal debate of the US government is still going on while Reuters Some hardliners are reported to be concerned that American investors have been transferring capital and valuable technological know-how to Chinese companies.

Is it easy to ban US investment in Chinese technology?  - Photo 1.

People participate in the World Artificial Intelligence Exhibition held in Shanghai – China in September 2022. Photo: REUTERS

However, according to BofA, companies that do not have much to do with AI such as online travel, specializing in games and music … will be less targeted by the US.

In the context of the US increasingly scrutinizing investments in AI, quantum and semiconductors, a report released on February 1 showed that US investors accounted for nearly a fifth of total investment. into Chinese AI companies between 2015 and 2021.

According to the recent report of CSET – a technology policy research group at Georgetown University (USA), there are 167 US investors participating in 401 transactions (estimated at 40.2 billion USD), equivalent to 17 % of total investment in China’s AI companies in the above period.

The report pulls information from the Crunchbase data provider. The largest investment was GGV Capital with 43 investments, followed by Qualcomm Ventures and Intel Capital – two famous investment branches of technology groups Qualcomm and Intel – with 13 and 11 respectively.


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