Stunned by the scene where the bride was pressed to the floor, foaming on her face right at the wedding

Naughty tricks, “chaosing the room” or bullying the new bride and groom during the wedding are typical in many regions of China. However, in this day and age, people only accept civilized teasing ways. All offensive behavior is condemned.

The South China Morning Post reported on a wedding that took place in the countryside of Linyi, Shandong province (China).

Accordingly, the guests are gathering in the courtyard to watch the wedding and the reception of the bride at the door. However, at that moment a group of men approached and pushed the bride to the ground and sprayed foam on the bride’s face. They even made a “pyramid”, 2 men pressed the bride down and then piled up, preventing the bride from getting out.

A guest tried to stop it, but the men still didn’t let it go, repeatedly spraying foam, leaving the bride with foam all over her face and head. The poor bride was extremely frightened and didn’t want to follow the bullying one bit. Behaving the way men do is simply unacceptable.

The bride was sprayed with white foam on her hair and face right at the wedding.

Seeing this bewildering image, many people were extremely angry. Immediately after the clip was posted, Chinese netizens were very angry. Many people think that this kind of uncivilized behavior should be stopped. It really doesn’t fit the culture and atmosphere of the wedding. None of the bride and groom are happy with this.

Accordingly, when the local media reported, the incident attracted the attention of the authorities here. Reportedly, officials contacted local leaders to verify the incident. At the same time, they also hope to promote and change customs to avoid bad weddings.

In many parts of China, holding weddings and performing naughty, “bullying” rituals are still practiced. It is even more serious, implying in ways that sexually harass or put the bride and groom in danger. The images and clips related to that issue have caused great outrage.

There was an incident where bridesmaids were injured when a guest smashed a glass window with a hammer at a wedding in Shenzhen.

Stunned with the scene where the bride was pressed to the floor, sprayed foam on her face right at the wedding - Photo 2.

Bridesmaids were injured when they encountered violent youths who played “bullying” at the wedding.

In 2020, also in Shandong province, a groom was dragged out of a car on his way to pick up his bride and had soy sauce, vinegar and raw eggs smeared on him. The groom then fell into a roadside ditch. Some of the guests were later taken away by the police.

Source: South China Morning Post

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