Zelensky said the new Russian offensive operation has begun

President Zelensky said that Russia is opening a new offensive campaign, adding that the battlefield situation is very complicated.

“The situation on the front lines is very complicated. Russia is preparing for a rematch, we can feel it. I believe that a new offensive operation has already begun or is about to take place at full force. We will see it in the next few weeks,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in an interview with US media published on February 2.

Ukrainian and Western defense officials recently warned that Russia is about to launch a large-scale offensive operation to change the military situation, after making no major progress in the past several months and losing control of many areas. after the Ukrainian army launched a major counter-offensive in September 2022.

President Zelensky holds a press conference in the western city of Lviv on January 11.  Photo: AFP.

President Zelensky holds a press conference in the western city of Lviv on January 11. Photo: AFP.

Information about this attack is not clear, the battles in the Donbass and Kherson areas have not had obvious mutations in recent times.

Western countries are looking to increase military aid to Ukraine, including pledging to provide hundreds of Leopard 2 and M1A2 Abrams main battle tanks. However, these weapons will take many months to appear on the battlefield, long after what is believed to be the beginning of a new Russian offensive campaign.

President Zelensky confirmed that the troops were ready and that Ukraine had a plan to deal with the Russian counterattack, although the details of Kiev’s defense strategy remained a mystery.

Russian officials have not commented on the report.

Russian-Ukrainian war front.  Graphics: WP.

Russian-Ukrainian war front. Graphics: WP.

Zelensky had earlier predicted that the Russian military could find a way to win some kind of victory on the occasion of a year of military operations, and acknowledged that Ukrainian forces faced a “serious situation” in the Donetsk region.

In addition to the main front in the city of Bakhmut, Russian forces have recently launched new attacks in the Donetsk region and control several areas. British intelligence believes that Moscow is attacking the area around Ugledar and Pavlovka to open a new axis of attack in the Donetsk region.

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