Another US police officer fired after the fatal beating

The Memphis Police Department fired the sixth officer involved in the fatal beating of young Tire Nichols earlier this month.

The Memphis Police Department, Tennessee, on February 3 announced the dismissal of Officer Preston Hemphill for violating the policy on personal conduct, honesty, regulations related to the use of stun guns and other violations. other. Hemphill, the same unidentified officer, was suspended last week in connection with the death of young Tire Nichols in early January.

Lee Gerald, Hemphill’s attorney, said they disagree with the dismissal decision, insisting that the client will cooperate with authorities in the investigation. He declined to comment on the possibility of Hemphill facing criminal charges.

Officer Preston Hemphill in Memphis, Tennessee, in July 2022.  Photo: Reuters.

Officer Preston Hemphill in Memphis, Tennessee, in July 2022. Image: Reuters.

The Memphis Police Department last week released video of Nichols’ January 7 encounter with officers. In the video, Hemphill appears to have fired a stun gun at Nichols after the young man was dragged out of the car. Nichols ran away but was chased by a group of 5 black police officers and then punched and kicked repeatedly. Nichols was taken to hospital in critical condition and died on January 10.

The five officers involved in the killing of Nichols have all been fired and face murder and other charges. They will have to appear in court on February 17.

5 minutes of American youth beaten to death by 5 policemen

The council attack of 5 policemen killed Tire Nichols. Video: Nhu Tam – Ngoc Huyen

The Memphis Fire Department fired two paramedics who treated Nichols at the scene for “failing to make a full assessment of the patient’s condition” following the approach. The driver who brought two medical staff to the scene, but was in the car and did not participate in the emergency, was also fired.

Steve Mulroy, the Tennessee state prosecutor in charge of Shelby County, said officers and firefighters could face additional charges as more information becomes available.

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