Many countries live under bad skies

The concentration of PM2.5 fine particulate pollution measured in the capital was 14 times higher than recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), making Bangkok the sixth worst place in the world according to the quality control agency. Swiss Air IQ Air. The country’s pollution control department says “sluggish weather conditions” are contributing to this type of pollution originating from vehicles and seasonal wildfires, and urged residents to limit make the road.

Many countries live under bad skies - Photo 1.

Bangkok – Thailand is cloudy because of PM2.5 pollution on February 2 Photo: REUTERS

The suffocation from fires that have consumed more than 750 hectares of forest are also smothering Chile, destroying homes and threatening farms and forests as the country grapples with a fierce summer heatwave across the country. throughout the South and Central regions. The largest fire has covered an area of ​​550 hectares near the city of Chilan, about 400 km from the capital Santiago, according to the National Forestry Corporation (Conaf). Chile’s Interior Ministry has temporarily closed seven national parks in Santiago and parts of southern Chile due to the risk of new fires.

In the opposite hemisphere, the Northeastern US is dealing with a historic deep freeze, with cold winds expected to drop to minus 46 degrees Celsius, while freezing rain pouring down in the South has brought down the power grid and turned it off. the roads become slippery ribbons.

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