Meeting with ‘Co Ba Tra’ Minh Hang, H’Hen Nie lost for 1 reason

Possessing from a perfect body to an impressive face, with hidden charm and outstanding performance skills, H’Hen Niê is a beauty ranked on the Miss Vietnam map. The beauty of the queen is even an inspiration for Vietnamese designers to create.

But like many other beauties, H’Hen Niê holds a number of “missing” beauty times because of inappropriate costumes or hairstyles, making the overall less perfect. In the latest encounter with Minh Hang, Miss Highland suffered from inferiority compared to her seniors only because of the hairstyle that she should have put on the “blacklist” right away..

Touching Co Ba Tra Minh Hang, HHen Niê lost for a reason - Photo 1.

At a new event taking place in Ho Chi Minh City, H’Hen Niê chose to wear an emerald green off-shoulder dress design, which was tightened at the waist to highlight the beauty of the queen’s long back and short legs.

Confronted with Co Ba Tra Minh Hang, HHen Niê lost for 1 reason - Photo 2.

In order to complete the set, the beauty chose large spherical earrings, a high bun and dropped a few sexy loose hairs.

Touching Co Ba Tra Minh Hang, HHen Niê lost for 1 reason - Photo 3.

However, it was this seemingly extremely thoughtful choice that made the queen age several years old. Velvet fabric, which has made the wearer older, now meets a high bun hairstyle that makes H’Hen Niê momentarily transform into Miss Lady. On Miss’s personal page, netizens suggested that she change her hairstyle and earrings to look more youthful.

Confronted with Co Ba Tra Minh Hang, HHen Niê lost for 1 reason - Photo 4.

This is again the dress that Minh Hang wore at the premiere of the movie “Sisters and Sisters 2”. Instead of pulling the shoulder part up like a queen’s dress, Minh Hang gently lowered this detail later to show off her white shoulders.

Confronted with Co Ba Tra Minh Hang, HHen Nie lost for 1 reason - Photo 5.

Also choosing a noble classic style, but Minh Hang did not “fall into the pit” like H’Hen Niê. To portray the powerful image of “Co Ba Tra”, the actress wore a finger wave bob hairstyle in the 40s. The emerald jewelry set also helped Minh Hang become more luxurious.

The youthful makeup, in favor of fresh pink tones, is a balancing factor that helps Minh Hang not become too old when wearing a velvet dress.

Not only this clash with Minh Hang, in the past, H’Hen Niê has lost a few times when touching other Vbiz beauties. The reason lies in the wrong choice of makeup, hairstyle or the monotonous thinking of this beauty

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