The famous male singer was criticized for a series of sensitive actions with his daughter: “This is not how a father raises his daughter”

Ngo Tong Hien was born in 1962, is a famous Taiwanese TV presenter, singer and actor. He once voiced the dragon character Mushu in the Disney animated movie Magnolia Flower in 1998, received a Channel V award in 2000, hosted 6 variety talk shows in 2001, received a Golden Bell award in 2008, 2016, 2017 and 2018… He was shortlisted. Taiwan’s richest artists.

The famous male singer was criticized for a series of sensitive actions with his daughter:

MC. Singer and actor Ngo Tong Hien.

It is known that Ngo Tong Hien was the one who discovered Chau Kiet Luan’s talent, supported him when he was only 14 years old, and helped him become a top star in Asia.

Regarding personal life, Ngo Tong Hien got married in 1990 and now has 4 children including 3 daughters and a son. It is known that the actor’s daughter Ngo San Nho (born in 1993) is also engaged in the entertainment industry. Many times, Ngo Tong Hien was reminded by the audience about how to raise a daughter.

There are many acts of excessive intimacy with girls

Remember at the beginning of 2021, Ngo Tong Hien caused a storm when he edited the dress for his daughter right on the red carpet. Specifically, when this famous father and son were walking together on the red carpet of the event, Ngo San Nho’s cup dress was delayed. The female artist turned away and asked her father to help adjust the chest of the dress.

This action of the father and son created mixed reactions, being considered by the audience to be insensitive. However, a clip of the scene at that time showed that when Ngo Tong Hien adjusted his son’s skirt, he turned his face in the other direction and he also gestured to the reporter not to take pictures of his embarrassing moment. .

The famous male singer was criticized for a series of sensitive actions with his daughter:

Ngo Tong Hien adjusted the dress for his daughter.

Despite being vindicated, the fact is that Ngo Tong Hien used to be too intimate with his daughter many times. For example, during a press conference, the latter suddenly hugged her daughter’s waist and repeatedly kissed her cheek. Ngo Tong Hien also joked that he was the only man so comfortable hugging Ngo San Nho and he didn’t want his daughter to quickly marry someone else.

In addition, the star also joked that his daughter is his “money partner”.

Also in another event, Ngo Tong Hien put his arm around his waist, hugged and kissed his daughter’s cheek. Ngo Tong Hien’s overly affectionate act as a couple for his daughter made many viewers feel uncomfortable.

On online forums, many viewers left comments, reminding Ngo Tong Hien to pay more attention in showing affection to his daughter, not to take such excessive actions. Some also criticized the objectionable parenting style, not knowing the limits of male stars.

A series of sensitive moments of Ngo Tong Hien with his children.

Regarding this, the Sohu page writes: “When parents show love to their children, they should also have levels and boundaries. In order to raise children’s gender awareness, the relationship between parents and children. children, namely mother-son and father-daughter should have boundaries. This is to promote children’s development better. As a public figure, it is even more important to pay attention to these things.”

In fact, not only Ngo Tong Hien but many other stars in the Chinese entertainment industry have also been criticized for being too intimate with their children. For example, Dong Khiet – a female pearl that once made people panic because of raising a son as a lover, when hugging, cuddling, even taking wedding photos with children. Or actor Ho Quan once caused a stir because of a picture of kissing his eldest daughter on the lips…

Even though we know that every parent loves their child, love also needs to be expressed in the right way, there is a boundary between father – daughter and mother – son so that the child can grow up to be the best spiritually.

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