The situation of ‘holding the wrong thing’ when going to drink coffee made netizens laugh and cry: Losing one is an employee crying

The eating moments of young people are also full of funny stories, especially in the case of eating out at the restaurant. For the forgetful, there’s much more fun. Typically, the story of “wrongly holding” her friend’s things on the TikTok platform below.

At the beginning of the video is the scene where the girl and her boyfriend are on their way to the cafe where they just bought water. I thought they complained about drinking water or forgot things like everyone else. Who would have thought that the purpose of going to the shop again is to return the items you accidentally brought back to the shop.

Running fast to return the item she accidentally held by mistake, her friend shared that she was extremely alarmed when she found out (Source: @summmertaste)

And what she wrongly holds is not strange is the vibrating card that alerts customers to receive water from cafes. This card is something that is extremely familiar to those who often go to coffee shops to work and chat. This is also an effective assistant for the shops to notify customers to receive water without the staff having to run out to announce or wait for the number to be counted.

The situation of holding the wrong item when going to drink coffee made netizens laugh and cry: Losing one is an employee crying - Photo 2.

Although familiar, but being able to take the wrong card from the shop, it must be called a rather rare case. Your friend must have been in a hurry to make such a mistake. (Source: @summmertaste)

In the comment section, the female friend also confided that she was absent-minded, mistakenly thinking this vibrating device was … a phone, so she took the wrong shop. Sharing more in the comment section, she also apologized to the staff as well as her boyfriend for having to drive her back to the shop to return the items. As for the staff, she was only slightly confused when she did not know where this card came from, but still did not blame her.

The face of the employee who doesn’t understand what’s going on. (Source: @summmertaste)

In addition, there were also many comments from staff working at coffee shops saying that this card is small but very valuable. If lost, they must compensate from 1 million to 2 million. So the staff is very “chilled” when losing the card. Now that I know, such a small vibrating alarm card is extremely “martial”!

The funny but equally painful comments of the service staff. (Source: @summmertaste)

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